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Веst Frее Νеws Аррs fоr іРhоnе оn Арр Stоrе Іndіа

These are exciting times in the editorial industry. In reality there are no limits, rules, or structure. Overall, this proved to be good. We have more coverage than ever, faster updates and real-time events. There are different views that float and competition never seems to be. The news literally traps like a fire today. People want great content and demands as never before. The assault of various India news app, means great content, less advertising, and a minimal carbon footprint. What he could not love!

  • Opeddiction: Do you enjoy tasting and enjoying your free time news? So this is the application for you! It is an aggregator of news articles and opinion articles from all newspapers that segregate them by category and puts them all under a platform so their reading is comfortable and enjoyable.Yes, you have access to all newspapers in an application. How wonderful it is! You have to see for those who have the time and enjoy reading their news to the slightest detail.
  • DailyHunt: This was previously known as NewsHunt. According to Nielsen Consumer Rankings, DailyHunt is among the top 10 applications in India. It is the winner of the GSMA Mobile Award for Best Mobile Release Product and winner of the mBillionth Award for News and Journalism. It’s a must-have according to Live Mint and Next Big. It has been called a world-class application by an Indian application developer.
  • NewsDog: NewsDog is a very popular news application in India. This is one of the best Hindi news applications in India. Gets up-to-date international, national and local news updates, videos and weather forecasts from more than 1,000 reliable sources of information such as Hindustan Times, Hans India, India Today, Aaj Tak, Vishwa Gujarat, India TV, International Business Times, your story and more.There are several categories of news that you can browse offline too, from politics to sports, entertainment, cars, etc.
  • Shortpedia: From the home of The Shortpedia Ltd, one of Gujarat’s most famous media companies, Shortpedia presents news in a multi-tweets format that offers its readers different lines of thought on a single subject.

Thebreaking news in Hindi is accurately selected from credible sources and selected by expert editors. It has an audio feature that lets you hear the news while driving, etc., as well as videos can be watched.

  • Jio XpressNews: This is one of the top 10 news applications in India. It is also a popular news release in Hindi and in many other regional languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kanadas, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu, Bangla, Marathi, Odia, etc.

It does not have subscription costs and is the ideal application for consumers for Indian news. You can access via Jio, Facebook, Google plus.

  • The Indian economist: This is the latest participant in the news applications section in India. You can be assured of quality content and credible opinions and comments on the current political, commercial, economic, cultural and foreign scene.

This is not surprising when it comes to Harvard, Oxford, United Nations, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, London School of Economics, Kellogg, Boston Consulting Group and more.

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