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5 Amazing Gift Ideas for your “Happy go Lucky” Brother

A bond between a sister and a brother is most special for many reasons.   He is normally the guy who believes in the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ and swears by this motto often. He is not only your partner in crime but also your friend, guide and mentor. Furthermore, if your brother loves getting gifts on various occasions, then it is best that you check out  various gift ideas for your free spirited aka “happy go lucky” kind of brother as stated below:

Let him gorge on a pack of exotic chocolates- If your brother is a true foodie and can swear in the name of chocolates, why not gift the same to him? You can send a box of exotic chocolates as Bhai Phota gifts for brother and can give them a good enough reason to be addicted. In case, your brother is a huge fan of dark chocolates, you can gift the same to him in a trendy box.

Gift him a funky T-shirt- In order to match up the cool personality of your brother, you can consider gifting him a cool T-shirt with amazing slogans or messages printed on them. It will definitely be a wonderful surprise for him and will gather brilliant reviews for the sender due to the exceptional gift choice.

Offer him an electronic gadget- Electronic gadgets will serve as the wonderful Bhai Tika gifts for any fun loving brother. If he loves music, you can gift him a portable music player, iPod, Wireless speaker, Bluetooth Headset and other gadget depending upon your choice and budget. Apart from this, you can gift him a digital camera, a travelling bag, a sleeping tent and other such gifts that can prove to be highly useful while on outdoor trips and excursions.

Gift something with a personal connection or emotions- A gift can be made simply priceless if it is associated with any human emotions like love, kindness, admiration and others. It is time to make the relationship with your beloved brother a defining moment by sending personalised gifts for him. You can offer him a personalised coffee mug, table lamp, photo frame, cushion and other such gifts that can help in establishing a strong connection with your loving brother.

Gift him free passes, vouchers or gift cards- As your brother loves eating, drinking and travelling, you can gift him amazing Bhai Tika gifts in the form of free cinema passes, shopping/restaurant vouchers, gift cards and other such things. It will offer your brother a sweet treat and he will have the freedom of getting the desired gift of his choice.

With these exceptional gift ideas, you can take the mutual bonding with your loving brother to a next level. It will further help in making the sibling relationship much stronger than before.                           

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