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5 Best Free Virtual Meeting Software

There is real value in meeting clients and customers face-to-face. But in the business world that is often not possible due to logistics and costs, so the next best option is taking advantage of free virtual meeting tools. The best virtual meeting software allows you and your team to talk with colleagues, clients, customers, and other business owners without having to leave your building.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Perhaps the most versatile of all the best free virtual meeting software, ezTalks can hold up to 100 participants in as many meetings as you like. In addition, the support provided to the HD video and audio services are exceptional. Plus, the meeting can be recorded and played back for those who missed it. Because it offers a web-based broadcasting system, it does not have to be installed on computers like many other software systems.


Over the years, few virtual meeting software systems have been as popular as BigBlueButton and for good reasons. From big meetings to informal gatherings, this software packages offers as many webcams as you want to use which is perfect for small and large businesses. However, the real thrust of BigBlueButton is aimed toward higher education as the software can make use of whiteboards which are integrated into the system. If you use whiteboards, then BigBlueButton may be perfect for your needs.

Simple, free, and easy to use, offers a system that allows for up to 10 people to participate along five video streams. The features are impressive for a free software system, including the ability to transfer files, use a remote control to access more features, and scheduling options which really open up the system. you can also through the VOIP bring in audio which adds to the benefits of virtual meetings.


A strong, flexible virtual meeting software system that was first created in 2007, Mikogo offers the ability to hold up to 25 people for online meetings. There is also a free web conferencing tools such as a whiteboard online for displaying information and for those who wish to share or place information, there is an application selection that allows for just that. It’s also handy if the presenter needs to leave the room for any reason as the system will switch to another host and will record the session in full.


Using a Java-based system, WebHuddle is nothing fancy, but it does offer some nice features and a strong platform with a low-breakdown rate. This open-sourced system offers the ability to integrate itself with certain software for online communications. This can be important if you are putting different systems together. In addition, the software itself is quite flexible and transparent, so you can make changes as you see fit.

For the best in free web conferencing tools, it is difficult to beat any of the five mentioned above. However, if you are just looking for one with offers the right combination of features, ease of use, and expandable format, then the best free virtual software belongs to ezTalks. It’s simple and offers great benefits of virtual meetings that make it one of the best on the web.

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