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5 Interesting Facts to Know About the Luxury Brands before You Buy

Are you the one who often shop from the brands’ outlets? Getting obsessed with brands is something that almost every well-off person is inclined towards, regardless of the gender. Out of a huge list of brands that add class and elegance to your personality, you must be having some as the favorite ones. Even though you are so much dedicated to brand, still you might not know some of the Interesting facts about favorite brands. So let’s dig in to discover more;

Know about the Trench Coat Hanging in your Closet?

It’s the piece that you would always stumble upon in a fashion girl’s (or even guy’s) closet, the credit for which goes to Thomas Burberry. The fabric of this coat, which is known as Gabardine, was invented by him in 1880. It was actually meant to protect soldiers from rain on the battlefield. After the war, the Trench went mainstream and gradually became a trend.

Giorgio Armani Created a Bomber Jacket

If you know what fashion is, you must be aware of the bomber jacket as well. Bomber jacket is actually an absolute must-have for pretty much every winter. But very few people know that this everlasting piece dates back to 1970, it was the time when Giorgio Armani, one of the luxury brands, designed a series of leather bomber jackets under his own name.

Canali was the first to introduce mechanized Cutting Machines

There wasn’t anything like the cutting machines in the fashion industry earlier. Canali, as we all know, is a reputable name in the men’s formal wear. Its first flagship store was opened in Milan by Giacomo Canali and Giovanni Canali. It was actually the Canali brothers, who introduced the cutting machines into this fashion industry. In fact, the Canali brothers not only dominated the fashion industry for decades but also revolutionized it with their hawkish approach.

90s Fashion is a Personal Nightmare to Michael Kros

Surely a cynosure nowadays, Michael Kors had great expectations with 90s as he thought it would be a boom for business. But what happened was entirely converse, it was actually the stagnant economy and almost a dead end. You know what he said about that time, “it was a domino effect… and the next thing you know, it was all about nose rings and ugly. It was a trifecta of a nightmare for me.”

Ever thought of the Unique Registration Number on Your TUMI Bag?

If you have ever occurred to buy a bag by the most elite travel accessories manufacturer like Tumi, you’ll notice a 20-digit number on its metal plate. Moreover, you have the Tumi Tracer to justify its existence. All you are supposed to do is just sign up for the Tumi Tracer with its unique registration number alongside your contact info uploaded on the central database. This data will be used by the Tumi to track your luggage in case you ever lose it.

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