Reasons Why Sports Are Important

5 Reasons Why Sports Are Important

Well, don’t we all enjoy the very act if watching a sport in a stadium or on the T.V? Then imagine how much more fun would it be, to play them yourself. The spirit, the rush and the happiness are all simply overwhelming. And so here are a few reasons why playing a least of one sport is worth the effort.

1. The Learning Process.

And yes, the very fact that it is something much more than books and stationery is a great relief. That’s true. You don’t have to make notes and memorize them. All that one has to do is take part in it and let the enthusiasm sink in deep. What makes it even more special is the ease with which we understand things and accept. The real education is here and will stay.

2. The Team Game

Anything better that can teach you how to play as a team? No right! Remember those days when as kids we would play in a little lane with our friends. The rules, the fights were all ours but there was something that made the play itself very interesting. And that was – deciding who would do what. One was an excellent fielder the other a great batsman. So planning things according to strengths was known to us right from the time we were kids. And guess what do multi national companies do while managing teams. The exact same. So, don’t you know what I mean to say.

3. The Health benefits

From getting up early in the mornings for the physical training to playing the sport itself, from the healthy diet required to the lots of water consumed, tell me one reason how playing sports doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle. And let me tell you, there’s no reason, if you’re searching for one. People too sometimes agree that sports is a very entertaining way of exercising than routine workouts. The seem less straining than the typical exercises that one does to stay fit and healthy.

4. An experience in itself

When the fatigue of the entire day simply slides out by simply involving yourself in an activity, then you know that it is worth the time and energy. Sports too is in itself a way of life that may seem like too hard a work to do buy in reality it is just a test of mental strength and physical durability.

5. Importance of discipline

Back at school there were a number a rules that we had to abide to. As little kids we blindly obeyed them to refrain from punishments but as we grew up, there was a sudden realization of its importance. It sometimes bugs us, but later we do know that it is important. Sports, as an activity, extracts promises from us. Promise of facing challenges courageously, a promise of never giving up, but most importantly of discipline. A way of life with restrictions that is a liberation in itself. A way of life that we all are to experience atleast once.
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So now that you know the reasons, and also know that picking up a sport has always been in your mind, there’s no stopping you from experiencing something different from routine. And like what Heywood Broun once said – “Sports do not build character, they reveal it”, it is time for you to live out loud.


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