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5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

There is no doubt about the fact that jewelry helps in making a woman complete, and it is also one of the most important parts of the bridal getup so that each and every woman gets an exquisite look, which will help in boosting the personality on the most important day of their life. Bridal jewelry is known to add glam and aura to a bride, and it is also one of the most significant parts of the wedding trousseau. It is the dream of each and every bride to look like a queen on the day of her marriage. All the brides want jewelry, which will make them look unique and different and match the overall attire.

You can consider the following tips if you find it difficult to choose the perfect bridal jewelry.

Match the neckline with the necklace silhouette

An important tip that you have to consider when you are planning your bridal jewelry is matching your neckline with the necklace silhouette. If you see that your necklace silhouette is not according to your neckline, it is obvious that both the elegance of your necklace as well as your bridal dress will be spoiled.

Purchasing jewelry pieces that are detachable

The pieces of jewelry that are normally designed for the wedding ceremonies are extremely heavy and they cannot really be used after the wedding ceremony is over. For this, you need to purchase those kinds of jewelry pieces, which you can detach later. These pieces of jewelry are high in demand, and you can get them in reputed shops that are known to sell gold NYC.

Ensure that your earrings match your hairstyle

Before you decide to purchase a perfect set of matching earrings and necklace, you need to keep your hairstyle in mind. It is crucial to visualize whether the piece of jewelry that you have selected is going to look nice with your hairstyle or not. You can also opt to try the jewelry before the wedding day so that you can clearly understand if you need an alteration or you should change it completely.

Match all your jewelry in accordance with the occasion

A wedding occasion is comprised of a number of important functions. You should choose all your bridal jewelry in accordance with those functions as well as the dress that you are going to wear. No matter what jewelry you are choosing, you need to keep in mind that the heaviest piece of jewelry should be reserved for your wedding day.

Choose jewelry that can be highlighted easily

Another crucial thing that you cannot miss is that you have to ensure that your jewelry is being highlighted by the wedding dress that you have decided to wear. Your jewelry can never be dulled by your dress. Therefore, when you’re choosing your jewelry, ensure that the color of the metal that you are selecting matches the dress that you are going to wear.


It is understandable that you might be getting butterflies in your stomach as your wedding date approaches. However, choosing the right jewelry is not an easy task and you can consider all the tips that are mentioned above so that you do not face any problems.

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Karen Anthony is a fashion designer. She worked with many firms and individuals in choosing the best wedding bands, wedding accessories and the best spas for the bridal parties and the groom.

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