Garden Wedding in Atlanta

6 Tips for Planning a Garden Wedding in Atlanta

There is something special about planning an outdoor wedding in a garden: an unparalleled beauty of the environment, the romantic looking botanical garden, and so many features work hand in hand to transform your big day. Blooming bushes, graceful statuary, quaint bridges, reflecting ponds, or splashing waterfalls and fountains, who wouldn’t love to exchange wedding vows amidst a magical garden location?

Today, modern couples appreciate a less formal landscape, which makes wonderful natural canvases for their own unique event styling ideas. Above all, brides and grooms prefer a wedding experience that’s connected to nature, a new way to reflect their beginning from the beauty around them.

However, planning a successful wedding in an outdoor garden requires some significant amount of orchestration and legwork. From the flowers to the lighting, here’s a little advice on how to pull off a flawless Atlanta wedding décor in an outdoor garden.

#1- Consider the Season

When you visit a garden in the spring season, you and your guests are sure to fall in love with the springtime show of assorted blossoms, but if you arrange your big day in October, that could not turn out to be as appealing. Be sure that you won’t find a natural visual display, and you may have to spend more on the flower decorations. Most gardens have something distinctive to offer year round, but if you want your wedding set to have autumnal turning leaves or cascades of purple wisteria, be sure to set your date on a day that corresponds to seasonal changes of Mother Nature.

#2- Decorate the Set

Choosing a surrounding covered by natural splendor doesn’t really require extra décor. However, adding some personal touches through the help of experienced event planners like Let’s Celebrate Events goes a long way towards making your space an extraordinary one. You can have your wedding planners set up some balloon decorations, add some ornaments alongside the tables, set up more flowers along the aisle, or add stylish lightings. If you want to add a classic or vintage touch to the event, you could have antique style table place settings. Before you plan the décor, you can visit the garden once, look around for some inspiration, and see where your ideas lead to make the ultimate result a spectacular one.

#3- Protect the Space from Unforeseen Guests

Fauna and flora are often accompanied by unexpected guests. Here, this refers to bees, mosquitoes, ants, and mites. You can discuss this issue with the site manager/event planner/caterer and take valid precautionary steps to ensure these pests don’t spoil your day or harm your guests. You can have pre-spraying or use special candles to keep away any flying pests. Just to be on the safe side, you can have an emergency kit with you.

#4- Define the Garden Space

Depending on the garden you choose, some could be formal with brick patios, manicured trellises, and hedgerows that dictate a perfect flow for our event. Others may be more rambling and unstructured. In this case, you and your event planner can create special outdoor rooms with retro or modern furniture, potted plants, cocktail high tops, and partitions. If you want to add some fun element to the garden space, you can have picnic blankets, wooden branches, beach chairs, bonfires, or more casual additions to make dynamic contrasts within an elegant setting.

#5- Be Weather Conscious

Canopies, umbrellas, pop-up tents, heat lamps and portable fire pits, you need to have the space prepared for sudden changes in the weather. You can also have personalized parasols for your guests to provide some shelter and shade if needed. If the season is a hot one, you can have outdoor coolers or fans to ensure you and your guests can have a great time.

#6- Light up Your Venue

To set the mood right and help guests see each other, if you plan your wedding at an evening hour, when the sun goes down you need to consider a few options for the lighting. Paper lanterns, twinkling lights, stately chandeliers, or pin spot lighting, you can have your wedding decorators in Atlanta arrange the best lighting options. You can also have small lights set up along the paths, or have mason jars with tea lights hanging down from nearby tree branches.

Remember to have an electrician nearby to check the space before lighting the area. You also need to have on as a standby, in case something goes wrong and the lighting doesn’t work. Not only will one be able to inspect the lights properly, but also be able to make recommendations on whether you will need bigger lights. A tip here is to choose a lighting expert who has wedding experience, a lighting pro to ensure everything stays in the right place, well lighted for the evening.

When you have a wedding in the garden, be sure to hire the right wedding planners, who can work along the way to ensure everything runs smoothly!

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