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With the fast-evolving world of business today, each and every business owner has to struggle to keep up with the latest developments in order to maintain a high level of consumer satisfaction and maximize profits. As a result, the development of point-of-sale systems (POS) has aided in the alleviation of issues regarding business management through their accuracy in the analysis of inventory and payments. Compared to cash registers or boxes, POS systems notably provide sales reports that are detailed and sophisticated. Software incorporated within the POS systems enables sales analysis according to promotions, specific store, item sold (SKU), sales clerk or sale time periods. These systems enable business networking so that all business records from business branches are easily consolidated and analyzed from a central point

Clover Station has over the years been the point of reference for designers of POS systems. This is attributed to its ease of use, performance integration and innovation-showcasing design. However, due to evolving innovations in business and online banking, new features have been added in the latest clover POS system. Such features include:

  1. Updated software compatibility

Hardware in the past clover POS system versions lacked the ability to accept out of the box chip or EMV cards. This proved to be of high expense due to the consequential need for additional hardware to facilitate fund transfer. It was also a huge customer inconvenience as payment sources such as credit card companies and banks are currently issuing EMV cards at a fast rate. New clover system software comes with updated software compatibility which enables it to accept a variety of payment types without issue. As a result, customers enjoy reliable payment services from retailers who have the ability to accept a large payment type variety.

Clover system software has also been redesigned to enable its suitability to different restaurant types. Previous versions lacked features that enabled the system’s use in some restaurants while allowing use in others. This software discrimination left the incompatible restaurants at a disadvantage since customers could not experience advantages derived from clover systems. New designs for restaurants that are full service integrate dynamic options such as visual displays for orders and tables booking and availability apps.

  1. Improved security

Clover merchant services provide easy access to clover POS systems whose end-to-end encrypted software networking and single purpose hardware designs increase the level of security for business and customer records exposed to computer networking. In addition, the new fingerprint scanner integrated into the hardware plays an important role in ensuring customer fund safety due to the reduced chances of hacking as compared to password and signature encryption.

  • Increased speed of payment processing

Single purpose hardware equipped with payment compatible software easily accepts payments from sources such as NFC payments, debit cards, credit cards and chip cards and processes payments at a rapid rate. Fast payment processing is further facilitated in portable clover system versions such as Clover FlexR, Clover MobileR and Clover GoR.

  1. Inventory tracking that is state of the art

Like the Revel POS system which provides alerts for low inventory levels through constant monitoring, Clover system comes with a QR scanner which facilitates inventory management. Through the relation of QR codes to the goods swiped, a record of items in stock is constantly updated and a warning issued when inventory runs low to allow for constant supply for customers.

POS systems facilitate secure, fast and accurate business transactions. Consequently, they are an important asset for each business seeking a competitive edge over similar establishments.

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