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Ahmadabad: the land of many delicious delicacies

Ahmedabad is known for many things. From monuments to mosques to a heritage of the father of the Indian nation, this city has an interesting collection of tourist spots. And hence it is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the country.

Most of the best Gujarat 5-star hotels are located in Ahmedabad and hence staying here is not a problem at all. However, there is another thing for which Ahmedabad is particularly well known and if you do not try that out then your trip will never be complete- the delicious cuisine of Ahmedabad. Mainly vegetarian and undoubtedly delicious, here are some of the famous Ahmedabad food items that you have to try out when in the city:

  1. If you are looking for an authentic Gujarati cuisine for lunch or a heavy meal of the day, then you have to try out the Gujarati thali. It consists of a large number of items and finishing one thali all by yourself can be a serious challenge until and unless you are really hungry. A typical thali will consist of rice or roti or chapatti and will come with a curry which is known as shaak. There will be a few other dishes as well depending on each place but the basic remains the same for every thali.
  2. The other thing that you have to try out when in Ahmedabad is its street food. In fact, the real taste of Ahmedabad lies in its street food. If you are thinking of trying out a street food item of this city, then do start with a chakra. This is a delicacy that almost every Gujarati swears by and it is definitely one of the most delicious snacks that you will have in your life. Induben ka chakra is particularly well known.
  3. Well if you are experiencing digestive issues after having an entire Gujarati thali or if you are craving for something tangy then try out kharek. This is an item which is made from dates. The dates are dried and a digestive powder called churan is sprinkled on top it. There are other ingredients too that go into the making of this extremely delicious street food.
  4. Das Surti Khaman, often popularly referred to as the dhokla across the other parts of the country is a must have when you are in Gujarat. Look for street stalls near the 4-star hotels Ahmedabad where you will be staying. They are often served with a nylon set as well which enhances the taste. Do not miss out on taking the spoonful of chutney though!
  5. Dalwada is another deeply fried goodie straight from the streets that you have to try! You have to have this balls made of crushed and boiled lentils which taste lovely with a cup of hot milk tea which is served in the streets as well!

If you are a foodie then Ahmedabad will never disappoint you. Do not be afraid to try out new dishes and enjoy the lovely and delicious side of Ahmedabad!

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