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Avoid Estate and Probate Problems by Hiring an Estate Lawyer

Choosing an estate lawyer is a vital decision and therefore, it must be taken wisely. An attorney is the one, who will create the plan to fulfill your wishes; you will be sharing some confidential information with that person. On one hand, the right lawyer will make everything easy for you; on the other hand, a wrong lawyer can ruin everything and cause a huge loss.

New Way Lawyer’s estate lawyers have the requisite knowledge of the Australian estate law. They are expert in their field; understand their client’s problem from legal as well as an emotional point of view. They are courteous and professional; they will show you the right path and reply to you on time. They will make you aware of your obligation and rights; they will represent you and give you the correct information and advice.

New Way Lawyers is a nonprofit law firm, therefore, you can be sure that our attorneys will support you because they want to and not for money and if you are in dilemma that they might not show interest in your case since they will not be making profit then you must give them a chance and surely you won’t regret your decision. They will listen to your needs, values, and understand your concern; you will be able to connect to them and thereby easily discuss your concerns. You can rely on them; we know how important it is to trust your attorney in such matters as you will be bringing to table issues of finance, bonding you have with your family and friends. Therefore, your lawyer should be someone with whom you can discuss all of it without any hesitation.

Our estate lawyers Brisbane will help you in the following estate matters: –

  • In the preparation of the wills
  • In the preparation of documents of power of attorney
  • In the preparation of the advanced health care directives
  • In preparing nominations of binding death
  • In obtaining the grant of probate for a deceased estate
  • In obtaining the grant of letters of administration for a deceased estate
  • Filing an application for a reseal of probate
  • Managing the deceased estate
  • In contesting a will
  • In filing an appeal for superannuation fund decision

Our professionals are caring. In case you have any injury or you are facing any illness and it is not possible to come to our office, your assigned attorney will visit you at your home or hospital.

You are our priority, 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for. If you seek advice on any issue pertaining to will, probate matters, estate planning and litigation, we are here to help you. Or if your name isn’t there in the will or inadequate share has been provided, feel free to contact us. You can contact us to resolve all your other queries related to estate matters. You can call us or email us. The moment you will send your query you can rest assured for a quick response. To seek further information on our firm and work, visit

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