Belan Wali Bahu Full Episode

Belan Wali Bahu Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

entertimentColors’ Belan Wali Bahu has replaced Bigg Boss eleven. The show brings a funny take around a couple’s tragedy. The story is of Roopa Awasthi, a slipshod married woman, married to a businessperson Amarnath, World Health Organization happens to be the husband of her deceased sister. Roopa desires smart for everybody. She has the simplest intentions in spite of appearance, however fails to figure out things in an exceedingly correct manner. Roopa’s in-laws contains of a dysfunctional family.

The story is about in urban center, that specialize in a typical joint family. Roopa tries onerous to win her husband’s heart. She believes that the thanks to a man’s heart is thru the abdomen. She cooks food for him, that doesn’t get smart reviews. Roopa gets pissed off that nothing makes him happy. She throws the Belan/rolling pin, that accidentally takes his life. Amarnath turns into a spirit, World Health Organization haunts Roopa and needs her to urge reproved. Amarnath’s spirit is simply seen by Roopa. He returns to retaliate his death. The things flip comic.​

Meri Durga Star Plus Serial Main Characters:


Roopa could be a sweet, straightforward and a slipshod person. She could be a hassle inviter. She doesn’t end any work while not making a multitude. Roopa is married to the husband of her deceased sister. She is sort of younger to him. She finds onerous to hold on her home duties. Roopa tries to try and do everything with smart intentions, however lands up pain others. Roopa upsets her husband the foremost. She finds possibilities to impress him, however her efforts come in vain. Roopa is sweet in spite of appearance. She aims to kind her dysfunctional family.


He is a old, sad and unhappy person. he’s Roopa’s displeased husband. He disapproves everything done by Roopa. He doesn’t regard her sentiments and efforts. He simply gets shrewish all the time. He doesn’t commit to build his relation with Roopa higher. He stays pissed off in his own world. He points out Roopa’s mistakes in an effort to create her excellent. He doesn’t understand he’s pain her heart. He loses his life to Roopa’s carelessness. He returns as a ghost to haunt her.

Belan Wali Bahu Cast: 

Krystle D’Souza are playing the role as Roopa Awasthi

Dheeraj Sarna are playing the role as Amarnath Awasthi

Mushtaq Khan are playing the role as Premnath Awasthi

Bhavana Balsavar are playing the role as Premlata Awasthi

Sikandar Kharbanda are playing the role as Jeetendra Awasthi

Shraddha Jaiswal are playing the role as Suzie

Sunayana Fozdar are playing the role as Shalini Awasthi

Sudhir Pandey are playing the role as Rajnath Awasthi

Belan Wali Bahu Full Episode


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