Skin Disorders

A Brief Primer on Uncommon Skin Disorders

Contemporary concepts of beauty and health revolve a lot around our skin. We tend to be very worried if we get allergic reactions that are unexpected and out of the ordinary due to any reason that spoils the natural healthy look of our skin. In a situation when the average person is worried about even tan lines developing irregularly, it can be very well imaginedthe sort of distress other diseases that can cause the skin to discolor, become itchy, flaky and become unsightly can cause. While we are no stranger to the common skin diseases that we are prone to, here are some of the more uncommon ones:


Blue men may seem to be perfectly normal in cartoon films; however, it is not really funny when human beings end up with skin that’s stained with a shade of blue-grey. This condition called argyria occurs when a person has either had prolonged contact with salts of silver or has ingested them. People, who are involved in mining, manufacturing, and refining of the metal, as well as those who have used alternative medicines or dietary supplements containing silver salts,can develop this condition with prolonged exposure. There is no effective cure, though it can be symptomatically treated to lessen the color intensity with medicine containing depigmentation agents and opaque cosmetics to prevent further darkening.


It is perhaps one of the strangest diseases that has not found a proper explanation yet, MD is supposed to afflict people who experience diverse sensations such as stinging, biting, crawling under their skins and the more visible rashes, sores, lesions that take time to disappear. Some researchers believe that the condition is not a physical disease but an affliction of the patient’s mind. Both skin medication and psychiatric intervention are recommended since there is no proven diagnosis and treatment.


The skin develops irregularly-shaped white patches due to the loss of the brown pigment from the skin surface. With a 1% occurrence rate in America, the disease is quite rare but the autoimmune is known to be quite difficult to treat. There are quite a few treatments if not a cure depending on the severity and extent of the problem. These comprise application of steroid creams and cosmetics to camouflage the white areas, alsophotochemotherapy, which is a treatment involving ultraviolet light and a drug combination, and depigmentation therapy that involves the application of a drug on the darker skin to fade it to match it with the white patches.


Also known as EPP, the disease is typified by patients being extremely sensitive to light. They experience a burning sensation and the skin becomes red and produces swelling. Patients are advised to stay away from strong light and reduce their exposure with appropriate protective wear. Medication comprises beta carotene supplements, sedatives, pain medication as well as glucose and fluids to boost the level of carbohydrates in the system.


Skin infections and sensitivities can be extremely painful and distressing both physically and socially. While the more common afflictions have their treatments, the more uncommon ones still have the medical fraternity unsure of the prevention and treatment.

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