International relationship programme

International relationship programme in India

International Relations (IR) multidisciplinary field of educational studies for the student having an interest in international affairs. The programme involves the study of political science and covers international affairs in depth. The course includes various disciplines like history, economics, fine … Continue reading “International relationship programme in India”

Management and B Schools

A Comprehensive Info on Management and B Schools

Management institutes mentor a student to understand organizational behaviour of people, and the nature of power, influence, and leadership. Irrespective of whether you want to be self-employed, you want to be a successful entrepreneur or you want to work for … Continue reading “A Comprehensive Info on Management and B Schools”

online GMAT training

Why candidates prefer online GMAT training in Bangalore

The Graduate Management Admission test as the name suggests is the test designed for the admission purpose to graduate management programs of business schools. This is a computer-based adaptive test and it measures the skills including integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, … Continue reading “Why candidates prefer online GMAT training in Bangalore”