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Is Cloud Storage Service a Boon or Bane For Your Business?

Over the recent years, the dependence on expensive hardware and infrastructure for storing the data has reduced. Big businesses and organizations prefer placing their data on cloud instead.

Cloud Storage service helps in maintaining, managing and backing up your data remotely. Users can store their files online and access them as and when required from any location using internet. With increase in huge demand of cloud storage, there I no dearth of cloud storage providers in industry too. You can easily find efficient service providers and settle for cheapest cloud storage service for your business.  However, if cloud storage is a great way to keep your data secured without worrying about the crashing of hardware, there are certain limitations too.

So, let’s know a bit in detail of the advantages along with few limitations of cloud storage:



All cloud storage providers bring easy and user-friendly interface for the users. You can simply drag and drop files from folders on local storage to cloud storage and vice versa. Their services are well compatible with Macs as well as PCs.

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

Yes, you just need internet and you can access your files on the go. Whether you are on your desktop or not, you can access your stored files. So, once they are on cloud, you can plan to travel without bothering about the availability of files in case they’re needed urgently.

Bandwidth Enhancement

Emailing large files has always been a daunting task. With cloud storage, you can just share the web link with the recipients on mail and you’re done. So, you would rather end wasting your time to attach heavy files.

Recovery of Data in Disastrous Situation

Having an organised emergency plan for any business is highly essential. Cloud storage is one way to have a backup plan in case of emergency situation. It keeps the second copy of your data and important files so that you can fetch them whenever your originals are lost or crashed due to any hardware or other disaster.

Affordable Affair

Using cloud storage doesn’t cost you much. You can look for the cheapest cloud storage providers who offer remarkable services and even assist you efficiently. At the same time, cloud storage doesn’t need any resource from your team and in turn leads to additional cost savings.

A Few Limitations That Are Easy to Overcome

Careful Usage Required

Moving files from original source to cloud storage folder should be done carefully using drag and drop method. It is suggested that you copy paste files instead of dragging and dropping them. This will help you retain the original files, in case a file is not moved to the cloud.

Bandwidth Allowance

Cloud storage services allow a specific bandwidth for you. If you surpass this bandwidth allowance, you will be charged extra and this cost can be significant. So, you may have to plan your cloud storage data judiciously. However, you can even choose to buy unlimited bandwidth services. This is one of the factors that must be checked if you are looking for cheapest cloud storage.

Internet Dependant

Although, internet is no more a problem most of the time, however, at some unlucky moment, you may not have a network connection when you need the most important files kept on cloud storage. So, you do not have an access to your data if there is no internet. However, this is the worst case. Normally we all have access to internet 24X7.

Security Concerns

For large businesses with confidential data being the base of their revenue model, security is a primary concern. The safety and privacy of this data is a little doubtful in cloud storage. You must check with your service provider in this case for the possibility of private data getting mingled with data of other companies. You can ask for a security agreement in this regard.

Within all the above mentioned advantages and limitation, the former overtake the latter. So, find cheapest cloud storage for your business and let your data be safe and readily available at any point of time.

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