Data Scientist Certifications

Data Scientist Certifications: a pathway to a Successful future.

The skills which formulate the base of prerequisites to be a data scientist may vary from one organization to the other. Which certification to go for, that should be left to the organization to decide. There a few, that make you stand perfectly out of the crowd.

The Modern Data Scientist

For a data scientist, it is highly important to be versatile. This requires them to have a strong grasp of mathematics and statistics. Things like statistic modeling and experiment design are incredibly important. They should also possess ample domain know-how. This includes apassion for the business, curiosity, and a problem-solving nature.

Aspirants who’d like to be data scientists should be able to communicate their ideas comfortably to the top-brass of the companyconsidering the fact that the management may or may not have a technical background in the field and would like to be briefed as simply as possible. 

Important Certifications Worth Considering

Different data scientist certifications have skill-sets centering around various purposes.Let’s take a look at a few of the credentials that one of the most sought after certifications have to offer:

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

This data scientist certification enables a person to come to grips with entire analytics frameworks. It would involve an individual learning about formulating business and analytical problems along with the modern lifecycle management processes. By the time you are finished with it, you would be able to operate affirmatively on anything related to general analytics.

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Also known simplyas CCNA, it is created for network engineers who are interested in advancing their networking knowledge. For any data scientist, it is surely an impressive thing to have on a resume. 

  1. Microsoft SQL Certification

There are several people work on databases. Such engineers should consider procuring an MCSA Server 2012 credential. There are a few variants of this certification, but on an overall basis, an incumbent will be equipped with theknowledge to maintain SQL Server, both SQL Server 2012 & SQL Server 2012 databases.

Businesses now don’t have the option to wait for 5 years at a stretch with hands folded for the next crop of data scientists to arrive. Given such a scenario, training and procuring data scientist certifications is a very viable and time-saving option, after all, one should leave some scope for on-the-job learning as well.


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