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Determining your tyre pressure and tread depth?

Do you want your car to run smoothly? It’s important to take care of the tyres. Carrying out regular checks would be enough, make sure that your car tyres are in a good condition before a journey. Whether you realize it or not but the regular maintenance on your tyres could save you trouble. For instance; driving on under or overinflated tyres often leads to the problems with your tracking, braking, suspension and the fuel efficiency etc. Therefore, just make sure that you check the condition, tread depth and pressure of the Brand tire. Read on to discover more

What the law says about tyres?

For sure the tyres are really crucial for your car’s safety perhaps that’s the reason as to why the law is quite strict. Here is how exactly the Brand tire should be maintained:

  • Make sure that the premium tyres are the right type and size for your car.
  • Minimum tread depth for all tyres is 1.6mm, ensure that it doesn’t go less than that.
  • Inflate all the car tyres to their recommended tyre pressures.
  • In case your Brand tire is found to be illegal, you could be hit with a fine and the driver also gets three points on the license. In case the offence is extreme, one could even be disqualified from driving.

Checking the Condition of your Tires

Ride your eye around each of the tyres and make sure that there aren’t any tears, cuts, or bulges on any of them. Also check for the nails and stones in the tyres. Finally, don’t forget the sidewall as these get damaged at times as well.

Checking the tyre pressure

It’s significant to check your tyres when they are cool. Actually, it’s easier to get the accurate measurements on the cool tyres and it’s better to check them before starting your journey. Pressure gauge would be helpful to get proper measurement. In case you are checking the tyres at home, it’s essential to buy your own pressure gauge. If not then then use the one at petrol stations that are free to use.

One thing, here, has to be kept in mind that there is not such one-size-fits-all figure when it comes to the recommended tyres pressure. For every car, the tyre pressure is quite different. In case you are wondering about the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle, you may find it either inside the driver’s door or may be inside the petrol cap. If it’s not on both these ends, just simply check the owner’s manual.

Checking the tire’s tread depth

The tread depths of your car tyres is what helps keep your vehicle steady on the wet roads. There is actually a mechanism that how the treads turn up helpful on the wet road. The tyre treads actually channel the water into the tyre grooves that consequently give you more control on the road. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why the tyre becomes less effective and increase braking systems when the tread wears down.

Ironically, the wore-down tread eventually increases the risk of aquaplaning and skidding that’s more likely to be a terrible accident. In case the tread wears down, it becomes less effective. Moreover, it increases the braking distance alongside the risk of skidding and aquaplaning.


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