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Drool-Worthy Food Recipes for a Rainy Day

Rain is feeling that brings the best out of a strenuous routine. In India, rainy days are known for snacks, chai and some camaraderie.

Any snack that goes with the overjoyed mood with the cup of hot tea always goes with the best of surrounded by your loved ones. For instance many such occasions make you check online for new and innovative ways to binge on snacks. One of the popular varieties in the Chinese category of food is the momos recipe which many savour with delight.

Momos are also called as dim sums and served with spicy chilly chutney. So when it rains, get some momos and it doesn’t matter if you’re a health freak s there are wheat momos that can be prepared with whole wheat. Momos can be made with vegetable stuffing or with chicken depending on the choice of those around you.

Here are some snacks that are drool-worthy during a rainy day

Guilt-free and steamed

The steamed varieties are said to be healthy because they carry less calories and are not that heavy. Those who want to cut out on the trans fats prefer a steamed snack for the monsoon mood. Momos are steamed and thus make a healthy choice. Steamed chicken momos are the filled with proteins and are fantastic to taste. There can’t be any other choice for non-vegetarians who don’t compromise on a healthy diet.


For those who can give up the healthy diet maintained all throughout the year binging in fried snacks would be a boon in disguise when it rains. The delicious food beside the window is an ultimate sin for many foodies. Such people can opt for fried momos recipe available online.

Corn Fritters:

There is something inspiring about a rainy day that lets us binge on hot and spicy food. Out these the fritters are the best. They go with the combination almost magically. A desire to munch on these lip smacking fritters is endless because the taste is unmatched. Fritters can be served hot with spicy green chutney and is pure pleasure.


Bhajiyas or bhajji is the regional treat of the rainy season often seen in south India. It is a snack that gives a magical experience and warms you up at the same time. The bore dom of the regular fritters can be gotten over by trying out this variety. The best part is that they are much easier than the fritters as in this case chillies coated with flour are dipped in hot oil and fried until golden brown.

So be it the regular Indian snack or the Chinese inspired momos for a foodie monsoon is double the hard work.  At the same time list for monsoon snacks are limitless and not even difficult to make. There may be snacks to beat the heat but what food explorers feel is the most lovable treats are the pakoras, momos, roasted bhutta rubbed with lemon and other regional treats with piping hot chai as the flavour of monsoon.

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