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Most Effective Tips For Professionals Of BPO Companies To Develop Sales Call Scripts

For an inside sales executive operating in BPO companies, the very first conversation with a prospective client is not only the most challenging faced by him/her, it can certainly be established as the most important one. An effective script pertaining to inside sales is the very first step in a forward direction to convert our interactions into a revenue generating activity.

But, there is no need to take undue pressure on ourselves. Let us discuss in detail about the 5 tips that can enable us to devise an effective sales call script to improve upon our top-line.

  • Good first impression is imperative

A call center executive has only got a solitary opportunity to make a positive first impression on phone. Email correspondence and social media can play a huge role in warming up our leads, but it isn’t until we actually interact with our potential customer on phone, that we would be able to introduce ourselves and move our prospective customer towards the next possible step in our sales process. Apart from this, it is equally important to have an opportunity for us to qualify or disqualify a potential prospect. This would also be beneficial in elimination of various leads that aren’t worthy of any effort from our end.

  • Patience holds the key

Executive in the initial phase of their careers in BPO companieshave a habit of rushing through the calls. They just want to gather all the information from the prospective customers in the first 30 to 40 seconds of the conversation. But it is through experience that they come to a realization that that it is a much better practice to approach it with a slower pace as it helps in garnering the nuances of the requirements and advice the best possible solution to their prospects. It also allows the customer to be comfortable about discussing their queries.

  • Keeping the primary objective of sales call in mind

Industry experts across the world will agree that sales is not just a single step process but involves a series of discrete steps. Hence, it is imperative to keep the exact goal of our call at the back of our mind. For instance, if an executive is doing a cold call for the first time, his/her main objective would be to simply establish a contact and evaluate if he/she has called up the right person or not. The next step might be to go ahead with a demo or discovery call where an executive spends more time in qualifying a potential lead and understanding their requirement. The third step might involve a visual demo after setting up a meeting. It is important to note that an executive should not try to do all the activities mentioned above in the very first call.

  • Simplifying it as much as possible

As a beginner, one of the most rookie mistake that can be committed by a sales executive is to try and recite each and every word as per the script that is provided by the trainer. This mistake often leads to a loss of business as the prospect is not given an opportunity to respond to the questions that are asked in the pre-defined script. Instead, it is imperative to get to the main point as quickly as possible without reading out from the script. It is a recommended practice to keep it short, concise and to the point. It is critical to identify the actual purpose behind making the call and go the extra mile to achieve their goals.

  • Staying focused and being future ready

When executives operating in BPO companies opt for cold calling, they may have to go through a lot of rigor before actually connecting the call to a prospective customer. This can often lead to loss of focus, along with a tedious process of calling, leaving messages and having to deal with gatekeepers on a regular basis. This can also lead to times when the executive is busy in his personal work and it comes as a surprise when someone actually answers the call. Thus, it is all the more important to be prepared to greet the potential customer and accomplish our objective. A certain level of preparation is important for the executive to project a certain level of confidence.

We can interpret from the above discussion that the tips mentioned in the discussion can play a pivotal role in developing the sales call scripts for the professionals working in the BPO environment.

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