Effective Ways to stop the Spread of Herpes Infection

Herpes is a contagious infection spread through a virus named simplex virus. Being a contagious disease, one can easily fall in the trap of this virus. The infection could occur in the most delicate parts of our body like eyes, mouths, lips, inside the mouth and even in the genital. Hence, it’s extremely painful and itchy. However, the infection spread in the genitals area is more serious. The infection spread here is very quick and easy. In fact, many people don’t even come to know that they are getting affected by the infection until it really gets painful. Thus, they often became the carriers of the disease to other person. So if you are suffering from the infection of herpes eraser. You need to take these 4 precautions:

Avoid any kind of Sexual relation

It’s said that the virus easily spreads during a sexual contact. You need to avoid any sexual contact during an outbreak as the risk of the transmission is really high. Also, as I have already mentioned in the introduction that its symptoms are rarely visible and noticed by the patient in the initial stage. However, its main signs are spread of reddish blisters on the genital area. So do take seriously these signs as the pain usually occurs during an outbreak.

Don’t ignore a herpes test

I have seen people are very reluctant to get themselves tested for Herbes infection. However, if you are concerned about the disease you should get yourself tested. Such medical screening will help you to take necessary precautions at the right time. Also, it will help you to get rid of the infection before it reached to a stage where it’s highly painful and itchy. The examination is very simple, it’s a blood test. The sample will determine which types of Herpes are you affected with i.e. herpes-1 or Herpes-2. As the latter is more associated with more severe symptoms and is a direct cause of genital infection.

Using condoms is also an option

However, it’s good to restraint any kind of sexual contact during the spread of infection. But, condoms are another better way to cut through the high risk during any such content. It’s a great measure to prohibit the entry of the virus in the vaginal area. A study revealed that wearing condoms helps to reduce the spread of the infection.

A good diet is must

Your diet really plays an important part in keeping the infection controlled and eventually contributes in reducing the infection from your body. Your diet must be high in lysine demand and should be low in aginine. Your diet should be rich with dairy products, green vegetables and seasonal fruits especially the citrus fruits. However, there are few products which you should completely avoid like nuts, caffeine, seeds and so on. A good diet plays a pivotal part in treating and reducing the infection.


There are number precautions which one can undertake to reduce its spread to someone else. These were top 4 methods which are really effective. In fact, many patients of the infection have significantly contributed in the stoppage of its spread. However, your partners’ health is also an important determining factor in its spread. But, on a large, such healthy ways really help in reducing the risk of the transmission you can also refer Herpes Eraser eBook for further guidelines.

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