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Essential Drupal Tricks that Cannot be Avoided

The developers who are using Drupal may use some tricks to improve its effectiveness. Here is a list of essential tricks that can be very useful and cannot be avoided by the developers.

Improve speed of database tables: The module of database maintenance can help you in optimizing the websites with huge database reads. There are also commands like, REPAIR TABLE which can be used for resolving the errors. The MySQL can be helpful in rearranging the positions of the old records. Drupal also possesses an in-built cache process, which is helpful in saving all the caches within the database.

Clean up and control spam process: You can use Drupal mainly for the community websites. But, as these websites remain open for comments and content from the users, they are very prone to spams. When you are using the Adsense account and not cleaning up the spam regularly, the websites can be affected very badly. You should use the module for controlling the spam. If your websites have already been spammed, you must know the right process of managing it.

Backup website: Before going through major modules and installing major changes, you should keep backups in Drupal. Several precious hours can be lost if the backup is not kept properly. It can take long hours for restoring the site without the backup. The backing up task can be helpful with the module of Backup And Migrate. If you want to know the process in detail, you can visit the homepage.

Detect and customize error pages: The error pages can be detected and customized properly. When a user navigates to a page, which is not allowed to view, he can find it as the 403 or 404 error pages. Managing these error pages is very necessary. You can create your own pages and can redirect the users by mentioning the URLs in those error pages.

Blank pages: A developer or a user may sometimes jump to a page which is completely blank. There may be no errors, no content, nothing at all. This error can happen after the updating process of the Drupal core module. You are required to understand the troubleshooting process; and therefore; go ahead with all the possible solutions.

Use pictures in Drupal: Drupal can support the installation of images. As there are huge numbers of snippets and module, you are required to understand which module can be ideal for your use. You can keep your images local or can host in various social image sites like, Picassa, Flickr etc.

Slideshow of content: If you want to highlight the nodes, images and latest items, the website can be visible with the slide shows. The slideshow module has various advanced features to make the content attractive.

There are several other essential Drupal tricks that can also be helpful for adding icons within the links of the menu or creating new text blocks. So, if all the Drupal tricks can be used properly, the website creation and maintenance can be successful.

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