Bali Indonesia

Some Exotic Destinations in Bali Indonesia

Bali is famous for its tourism destinations. There are many great destinations in bali indonesia. Of course, it is not only famous for the local people or domestic tourists. In fact, many tourists from all over the world come to this island to enjoy the beauty of Bali island. This island has become so famous. Many international events have ever been held in this island also, that is why this island has become so famous for all people. In this case, Bali is not only about natural view. This island has attractive point on its culture. Its culture is preserved well and this becomes awesome things to see. People will never get bored to explore Bali and there are a lot of great destinations.

It is true that Bali is famous for its cultural heritage. The heritage in bali indonesia has become exciting things to find. Dances and many ceremonial events always become great events to see. Those beauty of cultural heritage can be found in several temples in Bali. In this case, Bali is famous for its temples and because of that, this island is called as the island of gods. There are beautiful temples to visit in Bali.

  • One of the most famous temple is Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is so famous for its location. This temple is located facing the ocean. The temple itself is located on the rock and it is the great spot to enjoy the beauty of ocean. Enjoying sunset is also possible to do in this famous temple. Then, during the low tide, it is possible to go to the beach by foot since there will be track that will only appear when the water is not high.
  • The other famous temple is Pura Besakih. Pura Besakih is located on the foot of Mount Agung. The location of this temple becomes great benefits since it makes the temple has awesome scenery. This temple is also called as the mother of all temples in Bali. It is a big temple and it is always great to visit this temple, especially during the special ceremony. People can see the awesome tradition showed and people can see it.

Then, there is also Ubud. This is awesome village in bali indonesia. This can be great choice for people who want to give satisfaction for the body and soul. This village can be great destination since the villages provides good combination of fresh air from the nature and the awesome cultural heritage. There is large paddy fields. The native also keep the nature and tradition well. People can stay in this village for several days and this will give them great satisfaction. Although it is village, there is also facility such as spa and massage. These are perfect to make the body and soul refreshed. People will find the great chance to unite with the nature. There are also some ceremonies held by the natives and tourists may get involved in it or just enjoy the ceremony. It is totally great alternative of destination to find in Bali island.


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