Dandeli Rafting Booking

Experience the Thrill Of White Water Rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli is the best tourist place in northern Karnataka. It is a beautiful place for your holiday and comprises the scenic beauty of Dandeli. This small beautiful town is located on the banks of River Kali in Uttarakhand district and surrounded by the thick tropical forests where you can find the different species of animals and birds. Dandeli is hardly 79 km from Hubli and the nearest railway station is Dandeli itself. Firstly, Dandeli was very famous for Kali River and now it is popular for many audacious games & river rafting. There are many green forests where you feel very happy. You can see the awe-inspiring views of Sun Rise in the morning and Sun Set in the evening. Dandeli Rafting Booking is one of the most demanded activities among tourists in Dandeli.

Dandeli Rafting Booking

Dandeli is surrounded by many religious temple like Cavala caves and Basaweshwara temple in Ulavi, which is liked by many old age people. It looks beautiful because of the river flowing through the forest.  The water of the river is being used for power generation at three different spots. The river flowing through the forest adds to its charm. Dandeli rafting package home stay nature camp is located on the bank of Kali River. You can accommodate with many different adventures activities like boating, Jacuzzi bath, Jungle Trekking, White Water Rafting in Dandeli, Rappelling, River Crossing, Kayaking, Short Water Rafting, Night Camp fire, Coracle, Syntheri Rock, Burma Bridge, Jungle Safari, River Crossing, Sykes Point, Moulangi Picnic Spot, Dudh Sagar, Back Water etc.

White Water Rafting in Dandeli Gives the Sense Of Pleasure

The river rafting water carries a smooth flow of river which makes the tourist feel the abundant nature all around.  You do not have to worry about the safety precautions as it is strictly followed by the experts during such activities. The tourists will also provide with helmet, life jackets and oars. You can say Dandeli is a diverse town where different people from different states with various languages live in the scenic beauty. Dandeli is also known as evergreen forest as it is filled with greenery everywhere.  Dandeli is the best example of brotherhood among the people who live there. People who live in Dandeli are very amicable and very polite. They are always ready to help the tourists without any purpose or benefit.

Wouldn’t be exciting or adventurous to paddle a boat on a river? If yes, then ready for Dandeli and experience the thrill of white water rafting in Dandeli.  There are many companies offering packages at a reasonable price in which they are providing the accommodation and all arrangements. They will take care all of your arrangements and will make you feel free to enjoy your vacation happily.

So, avoid the ordinary plan that you have already visited and make the plan of Dandeli Rafting Package with the full thrill of river rafting, jungle forest, sightseeing, jungle safari etc.

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