Islands Travel Guide

Most Famous Islands Travel Guide

The youth of today like to be beside the seaside. Which seaside is the best, is still a question for many. Gobbling a lot of money and thinking carefully where to put up exploring the beach, puts every tourist into puzzlement. But, with the advancement in the technology, one can easily get travel guide idea through websites and can choose the desire destinations to be visited. So, here is a best of all among the Islands Travel Guide.

  1. Bali- It has been seen that the Bali is the most populous island and visited by many of the Australians and Americans. For some reason, it is known as the Island of the Gods.

Where to Stay- Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali, or the Elephant Safari Park Lodge.

Where to Dine in- For special western and Asian restaurant go for Bridges Bali and for Contemporary European-Locavore.

  1. Mallorca- Want to have a Mediterranean vacation without any more thoughts, head towards the Mallorca Islands. It’s a hotspot for many tourists especially for the European tourists.

Don’t miss out- Day trips to the national park on the nearby islands of Cabera and Dragonera. Enjoy in the annual Jazz Festival at Cala d’Or.

Where to Stay- You can choose either Sentido Tucan Hotel or Gran Sol Hotel Mallorca Island for your stay.

  1. Boracay- Visiting Boracay and not partying on the white sand is just like an incomplete trip. Offering so many sports to try, you can have a pulsating night out. The most famous bar in Boracay is the Cocomangas Shooters Bar, where customers are challenged to down 15 shots of assorted booze in one sitting.

Where to Relax- Alta Vista De Boracay is a fully equipped suite that you can choose for your stay.

Where to Eat- Happy Home and Smoke Resto at D’Mall are some of the places where you can have mouth-watering dishes.

  1. Mykonos- One of the popular destinations in the Greek Islands. The island is well known for the beautiful beaches, wild nightlife and luxurious resorts. Do visit the popular Tropicana Beach Bar at the Paradise Beach.

Accommodate yourself at- Villa Vasilas, or Kymata Pension or the Mina Studios.

Where to devour at- Reserve your tables in advance to dine at Nautilus or to have an amazing Italian food then dine at Fato a Mano.

  1. Praslin- The second-largest granitic island both in size and population. When if planning to visit Prasline, then do have a visit to the World Heritage Site of Vallee de Mai, which is the world’s largest forest of coco de mer.

For Your Stay- You can book Constance Lemuria, or the Raffles Seychelles.

Restaurants to Eat at- Bonbon Plume, Café des Arts or the Seahorse Restaurant all the three of them are special in their own ways.

  1. Molokini- The most spectacular spot on the planet. The endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles are the most amazing part to have a look at when visiting Molokini.

Reside in- Wailea Beach Villas or at the Makena Surf, or the Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel and spa.

Things to do- Maui Zipline, visit the Lao Valley National Park, or go to explore a Lava field.

Choose which Beach is the best to reach from our Islands Travel Guide and get the best travel guide idea according to your need.

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