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How to figure out whether you are pregnant?

One of the common questions which is on top of the mind of every lady when will my pregnancy start showing. You would need to understand that each and every woman is different and in case of some of them it can start showing as early as 12 weeks. This is in particular reference to the first time moms. In the case of others it may tend to show sooner as well as women who have been part of early pregnancy would normally have muscles in the uterus or abdomen stretched. In the case of some others it could be much earlier than this as well.

The shape of the uterus undergoes various changes when you are pregnant. In the first few weeks of your pregnancy it is the in the shape of a peer. During the next few days, it tends to become more rounded till it goes on to resemble the shape of a grapefruit. This is that time when the bump really begins to form.

When it reaches around 16 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is going to stretch in a maximum manner so that the baby is accommodated. This is the period where you bump will really be visible to all. So this pretty much answers the question when will I starting showing pregnancy. It is a time frame where all sort of factors come into play such as buying clothes. In the case of some mothers the bump may not even show till 20 weeks, and it would mean the uterus is at the same level of the belly button. There are other factors which you would need to take into consideration when you become pregnant.

  • The signs of pregnancy tend to show much earlier in older moms that the younger lot. The reason for it is that the younger women are more likely to have tighter abdominal muscles
  • The body size also has a role. In the case of heavier women the signs of pregnancy are visible much earlier than thin women. When it comes to a tall women it is much later
  • The deeper the size of the pelvis the latter the pregnancy is going to show. If it is more than the expected duration then the chances are that you are having anretroverted uterus. It would mean the uterus is titled more towards the back that the front. This is going to have  no impact on how your baby is going to grow
  • Now comes the size of the baby. If the size of the baby is small then it would not show earlier than that of a heavy baby. The volume of amniotic sac which you tend to carry around the baby does go on to make a difference as well
  • If you are carrying more than one baby then it is going to show earlier as well.

If you are having major concerns about the size of your bump, then get in touch with your doctor.

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