Foodies and Flights

Foodies and Flights: Things You Should Know!

Foodies are always conscious about their belly. They want to satiate their taste buds. No matter what, they want to make sure that they stay contented and fulfilled. Whether it is a hotel, traveling, house or any other situation; they would think about food first. Of course, there is nothing wrong in that. If you love food and snacks then you should think about them. After all, only you can take care of your appetite.

Food while traveling

Okay fine you have checked your Delhi to Bangalore Flights Schedule, double marked your identity documents and you are all set for the journey now. But hang on; have you thought about your primary choice that is food? Yes, you can go for a foodie experience while traveling too. There is no need to pack food for journeys and eat it stale. Similarly while you are traveling, you should explore the options being catered therein.

It is true that the taste buds are getting increasingly more sophisticated and today people are a generation obsessed with sharing everything on the platforms of social media. Since that is the case, the options you get in snacks and food on your flight are getting better every passing day. After all, these airways have a reputation to guard. They cannot just cater you anything randomly because that might lead to their doom.

Is it safe to have meals on flight?

There are different meals and options that can be on your plate while you travel by plane. Of course, again different airways cater different options. Anyhow, some since the pressure of online world is so much these days, you would never be catered anything that might not be good for your health. Similarly, remember that in some flights you get food as complimentary whereas in others you might have to buy yourself.

Is food allowed in flights in India?

Well, you would be surprised to know that cooked food or even the raw food material is permitted in domestic flights in India. However, curd, Gravy, watery food such as milk, water, butter milk, sweet syrup and so on being more than 100 ml is not permitted by CISF personnel at cabin baggage security check point. Similarly, the spices such as chillies, their powders or pepper are not at all allowed for safety reasons. It is because these can be used to form panic by throwing on the eyes to make co passengers or crew members temporarily blind. So, it is prohibited strictly. So much spicy, with red chillies also can be noticed by highly powered scanning machines and the security person might or might not allow it. So, you need to watch out for it all.  Come on, don’t lose heart, simple and regular meals are permitted. However even the crew in the cabin can object the wet meals in case it is spoiling the ambience of the cabin and the spillage makes carpet or seat messy.

So, there are different things that are to be taken care of while you traveling by plane and especially when you are a fan of food. It would be great if you check all the rules before you snuggle that box of delicious dish in your bag!


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