Genius Math Tricks

Genius Math Tricks That Are Actually Easy

Mathematics is a fundamental part of life, be it in buying groceries at the market to finding the mass of a gluon in particle physics, mathematics is involved. Hence, it is quite evident that everyone should have a requisite understanding of mathematics. But we know that mathematics is not everyone’s cup of tea. From calculus to Geometry, everyone has difficulty with some topic. Here I am to give you a few tips and tricks which will help you to improve your efficiency in maths helping you to perform better in your exams and certain life scenarios .

  • Easy percentage calculation: We know how percentage implies to a portion of a 100. To calculate percentages first multiply the percentage to the number and then shift decimal point two places to the left. It is as simple as that but for our better understanding let us use an example.
    Consider the case in a restaurant where you have to tip the waiter 20% of a bill of 1500. The tip can be calculated as => 1500 x 20 = 30000

Shifting the decimal point two places to the left => 300

  • Divisibility: Checking if a number, usually a large number, is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 is something that happens now and then in daily life, like in the case of splitting a bill and so on. Let us see a few tips which tell us if a number is properly divisible.
    • Divisibility by 2: 1’s place digit will be divisible by 2.
    • Divisibility by 3: If sum of the digits is divisible by 3. (eg: 501= 5 + 0 + 1 = 6 = 3 x 2)
    • Divisibility by 5: If the last digit is 5 or 0.
    • Divisibility by 6: If condition for divisibility of 2 and 3 are satisfied.
    • Divisibility by 9: If sum of the digits is divisible by 9. (6930 = 6 + 9 + 3 + 0 = 18 = 9 x 2)
    • Divisibility by 12: If the criteria of divisibility of 3 and 4 are satisfied.
  • Temperature conversion: To convert temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit, we have certain shortcuts which help us save both time and effort.
    • C -> F
      F = (C x 1.8) + 32
    • F -> C
      C = (F – 32) ÷ 1.8
  • An easy way to remember the value of Pi: Consider the sentence “May I have a large container of coffee”. Counting the number of letters in each word is 31415926 and after adding a decimal place after 3 we get 3.1415926 which is the actual value of Pi correct to 7 decimal places.
  • Multiplication by 11: Let me explain this with an example, consider the problem 45 x 11; Write down the number in the 100’s place as 4 and the 1’s place as 5. Then the number in the 10’s place is the sum of the digits; 4+5 = 9. Thus, 45 x 11 = 495. If the sum of the digits exceeds 9, then just carry over the digit to the 100’s place.
    For example, 89 x 11;
    100’s place = 8
    10’s place = 9.
    Sum of the digits  = 17
    Product =     1  7
    8  _  9

=        9  7  9
Thus, here we have stated a few genius tricks which will help you through scenarios which require you to have quick thought processing when it comes to mathematics. For a better understanding of topics of mathematics like Algebra, geometry and more tricks check out our YouTube channel –

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