Handmade solid perfumes

Handmade solid perfumes

Hello guys! We all love to smell good, don’t we? To smell good we commonly use perfumes, body sprays and deodorants. In spite of so many options available most of us prefer perfumes. So today we will be talking about handmade solid perfumes. These solid handmade perfumes can be made at home by adding fragrances that we love. These perfumes can also be used as our own signature perfume as it is made by us and is available only with us. These solid perfumes are eco-friendly and are not at all harmful for our skin as it specifically made up of bees wax and a few essential oils.

           Hence, you can make your own handmade solid perfume by following the steps below:

(i) Choose 2-3 of your favorite essential oils. Take a small container and keep adding few drops of them till you get a desired fragrance. Blend the oils well and keep it aside.

(Ii) Take a block of bees wax and cut it into small cubes. Take a bowl and double heat the bowl (keep the bowls one above the other). Add 1-2 cubes of bees wax depending the size of the container you have selected, to store the handmade solid perfume.

(iii) As the wax is melting add a few drops of carrier oil like jojoba oil or almond oil. (Almond and Jojoba help in sticking the wax to our skin.) It is very important to note that, the ratio of carrier oil and the bee wax should be same or equal. Blend the jojoba oil and the bees wax well.

(iv) Once the bee wax is completely melted, add the mixture if the essential oils that we made in Step(i). Blend all of these well in a low flame.

(v) Finally, pour this mixture immediately  into the container you have chosen. Then wait till it gets solidified. Your own best handmade solid perfume is ready.

Few of the best handmade solid perfumes online are:

(i) Fresh and Kicky (Vetiver, Ginger, Grapefruit)

(ii) Romantically Wistful (Rose, Lime, Vetiver)

(iii) Citrus Perfume ( Lemon, Sweet orange, Tangerine, Bergamot)

(iv) Fancy Floral (Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Lavender)

Hence, once you make your own handmade solid perfume, we assure you that you will continue to use them. As they are pocket friendly. can be gifted to friends and loved ones on special occasions, the smell is unique, gives us our own individuality and is not at all harmful or has any side effects. These can be made either masculine or feminine or even unisex. These handmade solid perfumes are made of only natural ingredients.

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