importance of donating sperm

The importance of donating sperm

Navi Mumbai is fast evolving into another metropolis that can cater to all the requirements of a modern society. You can get almost everything here much like any other metropolitan city. The city also has a vibrant industrial landscape that includes many of the biggest names in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software, hardware, chemicals etc. There is also a thriving entertainment industry and a well-entrenched service industry like Sperm Bank in Navi Mumbai. Lured by the prospect of jobs, good standards of living and modern urban amenities, people from various corners of the country are arriving here. They are making a living here and becoming a resident of Navi Mumbai.

Owing to the influx of people from around country, the demography of Navi Mumbai has acquired a cosmopolitan flavour. There are people of almost every cast, creed, religion, language and ethnicity living here. These people have come here to get a foothold in their professional lives and established. In many cases both the husband and the wife are doing jobs. Owing to their pursuit for success in their professional lives and financial independence they often decide to postpone their decision for parenthood. Often, this penchant for success in professional and financial spheres pushes their innate desire for parenthood past their reproductive age. So, when they are successful they are no more capable of giving birth to babies.

Sperm bank is the solution

If this problem crops up only in the husband and the wife is still within her reproductive age then there is a way. You can take the help of sperm banks. Nevertheless, you need to be farsighted and act before your sperm count has dropped below reproductive capability. You can store your spermwhen you are young.This ensures that you are able to impregnate your wife with your sperm even if you have passed your prime reproductive age. These days many couples are going for this method and freezing the husband’s sperm in a reputed sperm bank. However, before selecting a sperm bank you must ensure that it is following the international guidelines laid down for such banks.

Sperm donors

Sperm banks get the sperms from donors. Donors from all the classes of society can donate sperms. However, all the donorsare screened for history of illnesses, genetic abnormalities, infections etc. This is done to make sure that the recipient does not get a diseased sperm. However, it is the duty of the authorities to see to it that the guidelines are properly implemented. Therefore, with respect to each sperm bank Navi Mumbai authorities must ensure that it is following all the rules and international best practices.

But have said so the whole process of donating sperm may sound easy, but that is not the case. A lot of people are of the opinion that I can just walk into a bank and donate my sperm, but there are some strict quality checks in place. Firstly, to become a donor you need to be above the age of 18 years and in most cases the upper age limit is 40 years, though relaxations in terms of a couple of years is made and this tends to differ from bank to bank. Secondly your history of any sexual related disease should be devoid and you need to be medically fit.

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