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Important car tyre facts to consider when buying

Only proper set of car tyres would guarantee improved road performance, safety, comfortable handling, the ability to adapt and respond well to various road conditions. When planning to buy, there’re certain factors to consider such as size of the tyre, brand, manufacturer of the tyre and vehicle, car tyre price which is itself most important of all.Let’s have a look at tyre related factors that’ll help you in purchasing the right pair.

The tyre size

Most say that tyre covers the wheel and an essential element to manage shocks which is technically accurate but there’s a simpler definition. Tyre size is closely matched to the wheel size because it had to fit around in the right way without overlapping. You may confirm the appropriate tyre size by referring to the owner’s instruction manual.

Reading and understanding the tyre size can be a bit tricky as you need noting various factors. For instance, looking at the tyre’s sidewall and you’ll surely find a code-like reading such as; 175-65 R14T. This respectively refers to the width, sidewall profile, tyre (radial), diameter of the wheel rim and speed rating.

Speed rating refers to the maximum speed you should ride with a certain tyre as exceeding the limit would cause uneven tread wear and other damage. When driving in an urban setting, the speed is usually low due to traffic but long trips on the motorway or beachside track means you’ll probably attain the top-most speed.

Carefully understand the speed rating as exceeding beyond would risk in a blowout and accident. It’s better to install the tyre based on your driving habits and the type of terrain. Low profile tyres are also there but they offer less shock absorption which means that potholes and other such changes to the road surface would be felt twice as that with premium-grade. The car tyre price for super quality wheels is indeed high but the driving experience, vehicle’s performance, road traction and other factors are worth it.

The tyre tread

Tyre tread is the groove or pattern visible on the tyre’s exterior surface that actually connects to the road as you drive. The tread has a notable impact on overall responsiveness and mechanism of the brakes, road grip, vehicle handling as you drive in rough weather, durability and noise released as you drive through.

The more the tyre’s used, greater would be the tread wear and legal tread limit in many different countries is more or less 1.6mm after which they must be replaced. Car tyres bear certain markings at the interior of the tread which is visible when the limit reaches 1.6mm so all drives are asked to inspect the wheels regularly so as to ensure a smooth and safe drive.

Tread patterns do vary from a tyre to another and among the manufacturers as well. Durability of the tyre is a critical factor. There’re budget tyres but they tend to wear faster and the total cost of owning would eventually turn out higher. With budget Falken tyres, be extra careful of the excessive tread wear.


The above tyre factors must be considered before you buy a pair so as to ensure safer ride and improved experience.

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