liposuction in children

Important facts of liposuction in children & teenagers

The process of liposuction is about removal of unwanted fat from specific areas of the body to give it a more appealing and beautiful look. The very fact of lean and slim figure is everyone’s dream and the hype further grows among the children and teenagers who wish copying their favourite celebrities and sports persons. If you’re having adolescents, they’re likely to follow their television icons.

The real problem arises when a 14-year old teenage girl insists on undergoing hip surgery just to reduce her buttocks for the element of appeal. Parents are likely to react harshly for such demands only to surrender in the end especially if their child is a spoiled brat! Still, there’s a certain legal age in which teenager may actually have their liposuction in Dubai. Read on to find out more!

The legal age for liposuction

Legal age to undergo liposuction varies from a country to another. The very process in the U.S. was accepted in 2006 with 18-years being the defined legal age of liposuction. Even here, there’re some exceptions especially among the children having any sort of medical issued post pre and post plastic surgery.

For this reason, all the doctors assigned to perform liposuction in Dubai are liable to issue a certificate after thoroughly assessing the subject for any persisting anomalies or other issues. Proceeding without proper legal steps may result in cancellation of the surgeon’s license as well as heavy fine and even jailing of the child and his parents.

Liposuction & obesity in the children

Some of the parents are under the impression that liposuction is the ultimate solution to weight loss with which they can help prevent obesity in their children. While the process can be suggested to 18-years old for the removal of unwanted fat that’s hampering in a perfect figure, liposuction isn’t suggested a good option for weight loss. Always follow doctor’s advice for the process to turn out effective in the long run.

More figure-conscious children

The age when children transcends to adolescents is cry crucial as they’re always looking for adventure, excitement and some may even perform experiments on themselves. Issues such as temper tantrums, facial blemishes, fluctuations in the weight and other minor things may trouble the teenage child a lot and they wish curing all of it in a jiffy.

Especially when it comes to weight, liposuction may seem to be the only quick alternative in getting a lean and petite figure instead of controlling the diet or exercising. No doubt the procedure may work miracles but it isn’t for everyone and indeed painful. Not to mention the aftercare process without which things may turn awry and lead to other physical deformities.

Understanding hormonal changes

The option of undergoing liposuction Dubai is always open but parents should indeed encourage their children over physical workout and diet. Make them understand the hormonal imbalance which is quite normal in this age and things may turn out perfect as the child reaches 18-years of age. Just in case it doesn’t happen or any other issue, liposuction is the best choice!


It’s better to understand the facts of liposuction in children and teenagers before plunging for the process disregarding medical and scientific researches.

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