Increase your Productivity by working

Increase your Productivity by working to your personality style

People find some job easy to handle and some a bit tiresome that requires a lot of their effort. The amazing part is that the same job which you may shirk another person may willingly accept. The reason behind this different behaviour is due to our inherent personality traits. If we understand what are our strong points and know how to leverage them, then all jobs will become interesting to us and we can do them with better results. However, finding a person’s personality can be a pretty complex issue as it is the interplay of many elements.

There are few ways to which you can deduce it. One of them is to visit an expert in behavioural sciences and do a series of tests to get the results. But if you want to do something quickly and on a large number of people, then there are only a few processes that give you such an amazingly accurate result quickly as the DiSC personality assessment test. This test was created after years of research on the behavioural patterns of humans and how these affect the decision-making quality of an individual. As the test has a strong scientific foundation with years of research to back it, the result you get from it is highly accurate.

The basic tool of the DiSC personality assessment test is a big disc. This disc is divided into four distinct parts. Each of these parts represents a particular dominant trait. The four major traits of the DISC are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. According to DISC philosophy, none of these four different traits is in any way inferior or superior to the other three. And any individual has a mix of all these traits to some extent.

The DiSC personality assessment test is an online objective test that takes at the most 10 minutes of your time. However, in return, it will give you a complete guide to how you are likely to behave in a situation and what are the main elements that decide how you take a decision. This is an immensely important thing for an individual to know. It will allow him to focus on those aspects of his personality that will help him to better communicate with others and improve his performance in the workplace. The online test is a very simple and requires an individual to select an answer from a group of potential answers that closely resemble what he will do if he faces a similar situation. Once all the questions are answered, the algorithm of the DiSC personality assessment tool will quickly identify one’s personality trait and represent it by marking a dot on the DiSC of the program. Where that dot lands will tell that person what are his primary behavioural traits. As the disc is divided into four segments, there are four dominant traits. However, it may so happen that the dot that represents your personality may fall squarely between two of these four distinct traits. This makes the DiSC to identify eight different personality traits of an individual.

If your dot falls in any of the four dominant traits of DISC, it means that the basic characteristics of the one in which the dot representing your personality has fallen play an important role in your decision-making process. On the other hand, if the dot falls between two major traits, then you have the behavioural characteristics of these two major traits. In addition, the closer the dot falls to the centre of the disc, then the dominance of the trait becomes lesser. Whereas, when it falls outside, the dominance of that trait in the personality of individual increases. This DiSC acts as a complete guide to your personality and helps you to improve your decision-making ability.

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