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Inspirational facts & best features of Antigua & Barbuda passport

The amazing twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda offers laid-back elegance, celebrity residents, turquoise waters and luxury yachts that beyond one’s wildest dreams. Of the both, Antigua is among the most beautiful with an airport featuring all the latest infrastructure and facilities for crew as well as passengers. It’s considered the regional flights hub with comparably better physical and financial infrastructure overall.

Your Antigua and Barbuda passport is a key to mingle with a good size of international community that includes Europeans. Some of the finest restaurants along with 365 beaches, surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty would make your stay worthwhile.

The total population of Antigua is relatively small at approximately 90,000 but it’s a high-end tourism destination with an unspoilt reputation that goes back to more than 70 years as compared to many other smaller islands in the Caribbean.

Safety is yet another pro fact as both Antigua and Barbuda are regarded safest in all Caribbean with ease of accessibility from North America and Europe. However, travel is quite straightforward from almost anywhere around the world.

The VC Bird International Airport is a hub of all major flight activities leaving and arriving directly from London, Atlanta, Toronto, Frankfurt, Montreal, Miami, New York, Charlotte and many other international cities.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Antigua and Barbuda was approved in 2013 after which there’ve been significant improvements in the corporate laws over establishment and expansion of business on the twin islands and across the Caribbean. For all those planning a long-term and permanent move, Antigua and Barbuda passport is the best option so far.

Advantages of Antigua & Barbuda second citizenship

  • Dual citizenship for lifetime

There’re numerous benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship such as an exclusive chance to reside in West’s most elite destinations where taxation and travel benefits are all appealing. The government of Antigua and Barbuda allow qualified applicants to hold dual citizenship without revoking their existing or original nationality.

  • Visa-free travel

The British Commonwealth nation of Antigua and Barbuda is responsible to grant you and your family with citizenship. The Antigua and Barbuda passport offers visa-free travel to more than 145 countries including the UK, Canada and EU Schengen zone alongside many other states within the British Commonwealth circle.

  • The real estate resale option

After five years of successfully living as legal native of Antigua and Barbuda, the real estate is eligible to resale for a new applicant of the citizenship.

  • Personal security

The legal citizenship covers you, your family and the real estate property. The Caribbean homes significant advantages as a second-home region due to state-of-the-art infrastructure and production of food, sectors dedicated to green energy and utilisation of natural elements for self-sustainability in the future.

  • Tax-free status

There aren’t any capital gains or estate taxes in Antigua and Barbuda. Even for the income that’s being generated out of the country is untaxed so you get the best of the savings!

The residency requirement for the deemed tax residents is currently 180 days per year but, it’s planned to be reduced to three 30 days which marks Antigua and Barbuda an excellent option for all who wish  switching tax residency and live a highly mobile life.

Antigua and Barbuda passport would relieve you of inheritance tax, income and capital gains tax which makes it one of the most favourable base of all.

  • Investment options

The most preferred option is real estate which can’t be resold unless you successfully complete five years in the country as legal national unless you’re investing in government approved real estate property in Antigua and Barbuda.


The above details are exclusively associated to the Antigua and Barbuda passport as well as citizenship!

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