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Interesting Facts to know about Rajasthan

As soon as we hear the word Rajasthan, we think of an image of vast deserts, magnificent forts, monuments, camels, puppet dolls and the list goes on. The place is known for colours, cuisines and the royal culture. For being a perfect tourist destination, it requires great sightseeing opportunity, rich and healthy food, interesting events to experience, good hospitality and this largest state of India has plentiful of all this. Besides these typical travel catalog images, creative junkies could experience another taste in atmosphere.

This article would tell you about all such interesting facts, which would increase the excitement to visit the place.

  • The first and most amazing fact about Rajasthan is that almost every city of this vast region is colour coordinated and popular with their nicknames rather than original name. Starting from the capital city, Jaipur which is well-known as Pink city because all the forts being pink in colour. Second in the list comes Udaipur, which is known as white city for exporting marbles on large scale. It is also known as city of lakes, due to presence of several lakes in the city. Other popular city is Jaisalmer, which is known as Golden city and Jodhpur as India’s Blue City.
  • Often people assume that the State is all about Sand and desert, which is not completely true. The place offers much greenery that adds one more dimension to the state. It does have vast “Thar desert” near Jaisalmer but still in some parts of the state it is impossible to spot a single speck of a desert. The first such place which comes to the mind is certainly Mount Abu, which is the only hill station present in Rajasthan.
  • While travelling from one place to another, you would come across many green fields in the middle of the state. Numerous fields of Maize, Bajra, pulses, ground nuts and other oil seeds, give feeling of being in Punjab. Bollywood lover could relate the picturesque fields from several movies.
  • Streets are filled with cows, elephants and animals. Really, it is a heart squeezing moment, when you find people feeding these street animals and paying due respect to them. This is exclusive to Rajasthan only.
  • Pushkar, a town in Rajasthan near Jaipur holds one of the biggest fairs of the country. The annual five-day fair is organized here, better known as ‘PushkarMela’; attracts lacs of tourist every year which is worth to watch.
  • Every state has few such dishes which are ubiquitous on streets and restaurants. One such famous dish is Daal, Bati, Churma. This palpable food is a treat to tongue. Also,Mirchivada is a popular every time snack in Rajasthan.
  • At the end here comes the ultimate humorous pleasure of every Rajasthan tour packages. Messages behind the truck are seriously to die for. One could get split in laughter after reading the witty one liner or the images drawn on them.

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