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Live healthy to avoid cancer

As the research says, most people have a tendency to develop cancer in their body after they reach an age above 55. But growing old is not definitely the sole reason of getting affected by this disease.

There are many other factors which increase the risk of getting cancer and once it happens, on should definitely look for best hospitals in India for cancer treatments. But it always a good idea to try and follow such a lifestyle which can prevent this dangerous disease to attack your body. There is not guarantee that if these things are done, one will never suffer from cancer but the chances reduce a lot.

What are the ways of preventing cancer?

There are few basic changes in lifestyle that are needed if one thinks of preventing cancer. The first and foremost among them is immediately stopping the intake of tobacco and overdose of alcohol. One also has to get involved into a lot of physical activities which includes proper exercises like running or jogging. Doing desk work and lazing around is doing a lot of negative impacts on human body. Food habit is another thing which one needs to take care of not only to prevent cancer but also some major untimely diseases in life. One has to eat healthy and they have to maintain a proper diet chart to lead a healthy life ahead. Remember, unhealthy eating habits will not do anything good to you. Then there are some related vaccines which one can take in order to prevent untimely attack of cancer.

There is a huge dilemma regarding the belief that whether cancer can be prevented or not. Well, there is no guarantee about it yet. The medical science does not have any proven way of preventing cancer yet so far. But yes, there are bits and pieces of advancement in medical sciences which can be helpful. It is said that HPV is a root cause for all the cervical cancer sufferers. This virus also has a negative effect on penis, anus, vagina and throat. If one gets vaccinated against this HPV then it will be a positive step towards preventing the throat, penile, vulvar and vaginal cancer.

It is said that one has to be in constant routine of intense activity each day. For adults, it has to be at least 75 minutes a day and for children and teens it has to be about 50 minutes a day. One has to limit the behaviour of lying down and watching TV or playing video games all the day. One has to concentrate on eating healthy and immediately include things like fresh fruits and fresh green vegetable in their regular eating habits.

If a woman reaches the age of 40 they should go for a screening of mammogram every year to be on the safe side. They can also go for a colonoscopy to check if there is any development of colon cancer or not.

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