Train Maharajas Express

Luxury Train Maharajas Deserves the Awards it Gets

The Maharaja Express has deservedly won many awards for their exemplary services. The train Maharajas is one of the finest luxury trains in India which draws tourists from both India and abroad. This luxury on wheels had been introduced way back in 2010. Since then, it has continued to offer unparalleled luxury to travel lovers all over the world coming to India to experience its rich culture and landscape. Living up to its name, this luxury train has offered royal services to its guests, starting from accommodations to cuisines.

The train offers luxury cabins which are done up with the finest paintings and interiors reminiscent of the days gone by. The guests can enjoy multi-cuisine facilities at the train dining cars; the chefs prepare exotic meals made from fresh produce and cooked with the utmost care. Travelers on board the train Maharajas can not only enjoy luxury while they are traveling; they will also be treated to luxury during the off-board excursions.

The Maharaja Express tariff will take into account all needs of guests. Therefore, guests can expect personal butler services, guides for their day-trips and excursions, paramedic services, transport services when they embark at a station etc. While the tariff is definitely high, it is worth every penny you spend. The kind of luxury and comfort the train Maharajas offer their guests outweighs the prices of tickets. There are different types of cabins, depending upon your needs and budget. So, you can choose from the Presidential Suite, deluxe cabins and junior suites. Every cabin has been equipped with Wi-Fi facilities, television viewing and climate-controlled air-conditioning systems.

To book a royal travel vacation on the train Maharajas, you can browse their website carefully to see which places you want to visit. You will have to provide some basic contact information. The site will provide you with a quote within a day and the sales personnel will get in touch to answer all your questions. If you want to make any kind of changes to your travel plans, they will be accommodated. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can confirm via phone or emails. You can also specify how you will prefer to pay for the tickets. Payments are accepted via checks, bank transfers, and credit and debit cards. When the payment is received the train Maharajas sales team will confirm your booking through emails.

Train Maharajas Express is undoubtedly the best luxury train in India at the moment and it offers many exciting trips for interested tourists. You can check out the tariffs on their website. The tariffs are likely to differ depending upon your choice of cabins and suites. You can browse through the various itineraries to choose one which fits you interests and budgets. All the five journeys offered by this luxury train include prestigious heritage sites and popular tourist destinations, whether it is the Khajuraho Temples or the Taj Mahal in Agra. You can even do wildlife spotting in the forests of Ranthambore, dine with the royalty or watch polo matches in Jaipur. The trips are designed such that they will start and end in the most important metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi. This makes it easier for foreign travelers to enjoy these trips. These metropolitan cities have many flight connections to different places in the world. The whole idea of booking a holiday on the Maharaja Express is to experience the beauty of India as only a royal would do. The sheer opulence and luxury which this train can offer you will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

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