Make your data backup with Acronis backup software

Data loss is a common problem among computer users today. This becomes an unavoidable situation nowadays. There are a lot of reasons are there for data loss like system crash, catastrophe events, hard drive failure, power failure, virus or malware attack etc. When any one of these conditions occur it cause a serious damage to the data. This makes having a data backup plan is important. This is the reason for using data backup plans and products

A number of products are available on the market for this data backup and recovery purpose. One such product is the Acronis True Image. This is a data backup program which is used by millions of users around the world. This data backup program can maintain copies of your files so that you will not totally misplace all your data and files in the consequences of a crash. However, if you do not want to back up all your files, you can save only the files you wish to save with this powerful data backup program.

This is a biggest advantage of this data backup and recovery program over other programs. This is because other programs do not give you the option of picking and choosing what you would prefer to back up. In addition this, Acronis also offers you the option of saving files by means of incremental or differential formats. Basically, this means that you will have better flexibility in terms of how you put together the backup files into a new computer. When you make the backup of your files, you can select how you wish to compress the files.


The security feature of this software is very strong. All your files are held with 256 AES encryption. Users are allowed to choose an encryption password which keeps their information even more secure. It also gives you a note warning that, if you forget your encryption key you will lose all the data you have archived.

Restore Features

Restores can be initiated from either the client software or from the online portal. Either way, there is the functionality to pick which copy of a file you need to restore. Once selected, the file is returned to you in the form of a compressed file and this means you can save it anywhere you would like.

If you have archived files more than once in a day, then a scrollbar at the bottom of the client and online portal interfaces show the times of each completed backup and permits you to choose these times to restore files from that specific backup.

Discounts and coupon codes

Apart from all these features, this excellent software is available for a nominal rate. Similarly, you can get acronis coupon codes and discounts for this software which means you can get this powerful backup and restore software for some discount also.

All these features and functionalities make Acronis a wonderful and popular product for data backup. And, this is the reason why millions of users around the world use this software for their backup needs.

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