solar eclipse

The marvelous solar eclipse 21st- Aug-2017

American citizens are preparing for another wonderful solar eclipse that will be sighted during the current year. A huge number of hotels bookings have already taken place. Accommodations within the area of totality have already been rented by eager individuals who don’t want to miss the opportunity of witnessing such a marvelous display that will dazzle the eclipsed sky. Events are also going to be organized and anyone can choose to be a part of such an event where one will not only be able to enjoy the sight but won’t  have to worry about other things like food and water because in these events the organizing committee is there to care of such matters.

solar eclipse

Understanding solar eclipse

Solar eclipse is a known scientific phenomenon which has been delineated in books. There it has been described as a cosmic event caused by the arrangement of the three celestial bodies which are the earth, the moon and the sun in one straight line. This positioning of the moon stops the rays of the sun from reaching the earth. When the moon completely blocks the sun’s rays, a total solar eclipse occurs.

The solar eclipse 21st- Aug-2017that all are eager to behold is because of the light that will emanate from the corona. The sun’s corona is the surface surrounding the exterior outline of the sun which is not distinctly visible because of the extreme brightness of the sun. When a solar eclipse occurs the corona becomes prominent and displays its shower of sparks across the inky blue sky. Length of the halfway period of the sun based shroud may differ from place to put. In any case, on a normal the end-to-end shroud may last from two to two and half hours. In the event that you see it from the exact way of totality, one can witness around 2 minutes of shroud in totality, which may bit by bit increment to most extreme 2 minutes 41 seconds at Southern Illinois.

Moments to be viewed without protective glasses

It is strongly advised that protective glasses should be used while viewing a solar eclipse because the sun’s rays are harmful for the eyes and if the eyes are exposed to direct sunlight it can harm the retina and cause blindness. Therefore even during a partial eclipse the glasses should be worn constantly.

However the shielding glasses can be removed briefly after the total eclipse has taken place. This will cause no harm to the eyes because the rays of the sun are completely blocked. Therefore the bright workings of the corona in the form of sparkling rays can be observed and enjoyed without the glasses. But after the period of total eclipse has elapsed one should straight away put on the protective glasses and view the rest of the eclipse. Other than direct viewing of the eclipse an easy to make pin-hole camera can be used to indirectly observe the phases of a partial eclipse. Even when one is using a binocular or telescope or any other magnifying device for viewing a partial solar eclipse it should be fitted with an appropriate sun filter or shield.

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