Rakhis According to Zodiac Signs

Opt for Rakhis According to Zodiac Signs

The Sanskrtit meaning of Raksha Bandhan is “the tie or knot of protection”. The thread of Rakhi signifies the love and obligation. This festival transcends biological ties. In Indian history, it can be observed that so many times, this festival has brought together people from across religions, diverse ethnic groups, caste and creed. While the festival started out predominantly as one between brothers and sisters, over the time it has evolved to symbolize a deep bond between two individuals irrespective of religion, gender or age.

Astrologers say, if sisters buy Rakhis for their brothers as per their sun signs, the festival will become even more auspicious and the brother-sister bond gets stronger because the color chosen as per the zodiac will bring definite good luck in the life of your brothers. Through online rakhi shopping India you can easily buy or send the suitable one depending on the zodiac sign of your brother as mentioned below:

  • Aries: You should choose a Rakhi which is red, orange or yellow in color.
  • Taurus: Opt for blue or silver colored Rakhi along with delicious chocolates.
  • Gemini: Choose a Rakhi which is green in color.
  • Cancer: These people are soft from inside so it will be advisable to opt Rakhi which is made of silk threads or pearls.
  • Leo: Your Rakhi should be of Orange, Pink or Red color.
  • Virgo: A Rakhi made of silk threads or green or white in color should be your pick. 
  • Libra: For your Libra brother, opt for a Rakhi which is purple or turquoise in color.
  • Scorpio: Red should be your color. Scorpions are very discreet and extra sensual and concerned with their appearances, so a brand of perfume or a pair of designer shoes or sunglasses will be a perfect gift for them.
  • Sagittarius: You should go for a yellow colored Rakhi.
  • Capricorn: For your brother who has Capricon brother, your Rakhi for him should be pink.
  • Aquarius: Any Dark Colored rakhi will do wonders for the strong bond with your brother. Any technical gadget will be the most apt gift for the brothers of this sign.
  • Pisces: White or Yellow colored rakhi should be your choice for your Pisces brother.

It is universally accepted that happiness and prosperity are greatly affected by small things, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan every sister  wishes the best for her brother. Have experience of online Rakhi shopping, order the best rakhi gifts and participate in the success of your beloved brother.

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