place needs a carpet

Why your place needs a carpet?

A carpet adds warmth to the place by retaining the warm air longer, it is a perfect piece to hide a permanent stain on your perfect floor, keeps children safe, acts as a cushion for the footsteps thereby reducing the chances to slip or fall, acts as an air filter, absorbs sound and thereby reducing noises, and there are many other practical benefits of a carpet. However, apart from these practical reasons there are two more grounds on the basis of which people go for carpets and they are 1) carpets define the space and 2) enhance the décor. A carpet consisting of the right colour and size unites the furniture placed on it and can make a room appear larger or smaller.

A carpet can actually give any place a major makeover. Even if you do not completely re-decorate, do not move other decorating piece or replace them, simply make some room for a new carpet or change the angle of the old carpet, you will definitely notice the change.

Sisal carpet inside out

Sisal carpet makes a great choice for any residential or commercial space. They are famous for their durability and natural look. They are made from 100% natural fiber, a renewable resource, and this is what makes sisal carpet an eco-friendly product. These carpets are perfect for areas prone to high-traffic and they are easy to clean. Therefore, you can use it in a carefree way in a home of children and pets.

Sisal carpets can be all natural or they can be made by combining sisal with synthetic, wool, nylon or any other material. By doing this carpet get the feel of other material as well. 100% natural sisal carpet is not much soft and comfortable and therefore it is preferred in combination with other fiber. If you want to lay on the floor a sisal carpet without wanting it to be scratchy and compromising with its natural look, you can always go for a combination. The blend of fibers will retain the look as well as give a soft feel underfoot.

Buy it or make it!

You will find sisal carpets in a variety of colours and designs. However, it is not necessary that you will find your perfect carpet even amongst the pool of those carpets. Therefore, provides you with the option of custom-made carpet. You can choose your own fabric, colour, pattern, border design, border style, dimensions and put the carpet into the cart.

Floorspace takes pride in providing its customers with a vast and exclusive range of excellent quality carpets which are modern, traditional, in a single colour, and patterned designs. You can make a carpet of your choice, which goes with the décor of your place and feels proud for giving the place a vibrant and colourful look.

Floorspace delivery is confined to Australia, and therefore in whichever part you may reside, we will make the product available to you there in the minimum time possible. You can contact us anytime if you need any assistance or any information regarding our collection. For further queries, you can also drop us an email or give a call. Our customer’s satisfaction is prime for us, we strive for the same and therefore we assure you not to disappoint you.

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