Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Popular Myths about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

In the world of Yoga, Ashtanga style is seen as the mysterious practice, though it is the best form to attain physical strength and heal body parts. This yoga is a series of several postures which smoothly flow from one to other. Each pose ends up building another pose. Ashtanga yoga requires strength and taught in great way with all the safety and care tips but there are some myths floating regarding Ashtanga. Let me clear all the misconception in this article about this yoga form.

Let us have a brief history about Ashtanga yoga first.

This yoga form got major attraction and popularity in 20th century due to works of K. PattabhiJois who promoted this style as modern day form of classical Indian yoga. This form focuses on both asanas or postures and pranayama or breathes. The most popular style of this form is Mysore style which comes from the city Mysore where PattabhiJois taught.

Now let us know about the common myths.

  • You need to know about yoga before joining Mysore style.

Yes it is true that in Mysore style the focus is to memorize and perform yoga sequences without the teacher. Here, the role of teacher is to just guide about the postures. But it is completely wrong that you can’t be a part of Mysore style without prior knowledge. There is absolutely no quiz or entrance test before getting into classes. The sequences are memorized by everyone while performing each pose one by one. Beginners would get ample time to learn and remember.

  • Its only for fit people

Once the great yoga teacher K. PattabhiJois quoted that ‘’everyone can do yoga expect those who have excuses’’. Not only Ashtanga, any form of yoga is suitable for any age men or women with any measurement. Infact those who have certain physical limitations are much welcome in this yoga form. This could help them to recover the proper movement. The principles and benefits of the Ashtanga yoga have never changed. Everyone can be a part of this society.

  • Only for young guns

This is the common misconception with all those who are willing to start yoga. It is completely false. We can take the true example from our surrounding where most of the fit yoga experts are above 50 and many of them had even started it after 50. A great author had quoted that ‘’age is just a number’’. Yes it is, now time is the only right time.

  • No instructions from Teacher

This is yet another common misconception about the Ashtanga form. The reality is completely different; Ashtanga offers the most direct teacher-student relationship. They focus on each pose one by one for providing a perfect balance. They instruct about every aspect from movement to breathe control.

Through this article, I have tried to erase all the myths about Ashtanga yoga. Anyone who is interested to become an expert of this form can take Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, which is among the top schools and retreats in the World.

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