Protect Your Laptop

Protect Your Laptop: Tips to Keep Work from Home Secured

It is not surprising that our whole life is on our laptop. Starting from our financial record to photo gallery, video library, company’s sales and reports and even plans saved for the future. If there is anything that is not on our laptop, it is our negligence towards its protection.

With the coronavirus outbreak, our whole life is fully functioning on our laptop and the internet. This is because due to the coronavirus outbreak, millions of employees, students, and people, in general, are stuck in their homes and forced to live their life around the virus spread.

The good news in this part is that you can totally enjoy being in your home, avoid traffic, and also control your expenses. But the worst part is that you have to manage all the troubles that come with continuously using your laptop and the internet. Mainly the companies that have a big amount of employees working on laptops and other devices have an IT team to manage the software updates and other aspects to secure the device. But now that employees are working from home, the duty to protect their laptop from malicious links and attackers is on their shoulders.

To help employees working in their home in regards to protecting their laptop, we have listed down some of the tips to start with: 

Keep Yourself Accountable

Once you decide to keep an eye on laptop activities, you must separate the company-issued laptop and personal laptops. This is to ensure that you are more vigilant towards protecting your office laptop from others. For instance, when you are working from home your kids, spouses, and even people who are visiting your home for any purpose would want to have access to your laptop. But you can not bear the damage it might cause to your office laptop if it is free to use by all.

Another major thing to do after that is to make sure you have access to your account on the office laptop and it does not require any third party credentials. This is because once you feel like your passwords are exposed or not strong enough to remain as a password for your device, you can change the immediately of you have all access to your laptop.

Keeping this in mind, it also important to make sure that your password is well protected and hard to crack.  

Use a Reliable Internet Connection

Another major aspect to keep in mind if you want to protect your laptops is to use a reliable internet connection. When it comes to internet connection hunting you will find a handful of internet service providers that will be offering high-speed internet at cheap rates. You might think that this connection can save some bucks for you but instead, the connection will put you into much more danger.

This is because of a cheap internet service exposes the browser to websites containing illicit content. These websites often have malware is or offers downloadable content that has malware. Other than this a cheap internet connection cannot protect your device from malicious links, instead, it gives easy access to hackers.

Therefore, it is important to invest money into having a reliable internet connection while you are working from home. For instance, The Spectrum Internet service is one name that we can count on for reliable and save internet experience. Moreover, Spectrum has a wide range of Spectrum internet plans that offer high-speed internet at affordable rates.

Enable “Find my Laptop” 

When it comes to protecting your laptop you should always think about the worst and then start working on its solutions.

If you think that your house has strangers coming in, for instance, someone is coming to fix your water tap or clean your house or other stuff, then it is important for you to take extra steps in protecting your laptop.

If the worst thing happens and your laptop gets in the hands of a malicious person then you can track it if you have enabled the “find my laptop” feature. This will also help you in looking at your computer and make sure your data is safe.

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