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Some questions to pose before you avail the services of a catering company

Planning a wedding or any occasion is an exciting time and you would need caterers in Mumbai or Mumbai catering services to grace the occasion. The wedding should be a unique reflection of the love or affection which you and your partner share with food being on top of the agenda. Here are some questions which are intended to figure out on choosing the best Mumbai catering services for sure.

With whom you are getting in touch with

You need to start with the basics. Are you getting in touch with the owner of the company? Someone in the sales department or a manager. The person with whom you meet can paint a relationship of you with the company. It is important to understand with whom you will be working during the wedding process. It is suggested that you meet the person early and get into the details on how to streamline the process.

How they will run the event

The popular caterers Mumbai will ask you a set of questions on how you want the event to be run. It is also important to ask the same question to the caterer. Ask for the estimates with regards to the food and how will the food be served. You need to find out on who will be in charge of the cake cutting ceremony. It is not your duty to tell the caterer on how they are planning to do the job, but you have every right to know on how they will run the show.

What are the other services on offer?

Different types of caterers roll out different services and it is necessary to understand who provides what. It is suggested that you can opt for package deals as they are less expensive and saves you the hassle of locating different items from various places. The caterer will undertake the entire process on your part and it will be a difficult task for you to interact with the suppliers

What are the services which they tend to provide?

The caterers plan and work during the weekends, which means that their contacts are good and they have excellent relations with the vendors in the industry. They are adept in small details like DJ to photography and it is suggested that you take advantage of these aspects.

Ask about the ingredients

This is a very important point to consider and you need to find out whether the caterer tends to use fresh or frozen food. You are paying for fresh food and it needs to be certain that the guests are served in respect of that.

Whether a broken-down estimate can be provided

The caterers charge on a per head basis and this means that each guest is going to cost you something. It is important to note down. If those include the food charges, then you might be surprised whether any form of hidden charges is included. You need to have an estimate on each cost, and this is a protective measure, which will help you prepare for the worse in the days to come.It should be written down and it would be better if you can avail a comprehensive plan from the end of the caterer which will streamline things.


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