Tire Size

Rims Size vs. Tire Size

Since there are many variations in rims and tires in the market but not all the tires are designed to fit all rims. For sure, it’s quite daunting and requires enough knowledge to pair the tires and rims. But once you get to know that how you can measure their size, it will get much easier for you to decode the numbers and get rims & tires that work together.

Rim Size

As you know that the rims are usually measured in inches. The actual size of the rim is usually stamped into it and especially on the back of the hub. If you are up to measuring it, you will have to go from top of the rim straight across to the bottom. Even though the rim sizes vary but still there are a few common sizes that you must know that are 15, 16 and 17 inches. Most of the people ask why the rim sizes vary and how they can be determined. Well, the size of the rim varies depending upon the make and model of the car as well as manufacturers will also release different models of the same vehicle with different rim size options.

Tire Size

There are actually three ways to measure the car tyre size with the help of three separate numbers.

Width: It’s the very first and most commonly used way to measure the tire size. In fact, most of the tire experts go for this ways at first whenever they need to measure the tire size. Simply measure the width from one outer edge to the other.

Ratio: This is another interesting method to check the car tyre Dubai size. Even though the tire width also plays a vital role in this tire measurement method but there’s more to it. This method is all about the ration of the tire’s height to its width.

Rim: Here’s the third method to check out the tire size. But this one will involve the rim measurement as well. You simply need to measure the rim diameter in order to determine which size of tire would be suitable to fit a specific rim.

What Your Tire Says?

Have you ever check out the measurement mentioned on the tire’s side wall? These numbers with forward slashes are really important as they help you determine the actual size. This would also be very helpful if you ever find the need to buy new tires so that you can refer to those numbers in order to pick the right size of tires for your car.

These measurements are usually written in the raised or embossed black letter. In some models, it’s mentioned in the white letters as well. For instance; the tire is marked as 225/65/16. 225 refers to the 225mm from the outer edges of tire. Next, the sidewall of the tire is actually the 65% of the total width of tire. And last but not the least, that particular tire can easily fit the 16 inch rim.

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