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Smart Ways of How Businesses Can Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram, owned now by the big daddy of social media, Facebook, has become one of the most popular social media networking platforms in a very short time both with individual users and a large number of businesses, big and small. The platform is ideal for letting marketers create stories with great visual appeal for enhanced follower engagement. Some unbeatable reasons why smart marketers use Instagram:

Great Brand Exposure

Even though smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, most of them still don’t possess photo editing and enhancing capabilities to the extent that Instagram has. You can considerably enhance the looks of your photographs with the editing tools provided by Instagram. Among the parameters you can influence, are focus, color, contrast and exposure. Additionally, you can add to the images themes as you may prefer making them more suitable for your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

It has been clearly established that social media users prefer viewing pictures than reading text, and this is perhaps the single-most important reason for Instagram reaching the heights of popularity. Marketers have used this preference to fashion their communication campaigns in such a way that they are image-oriented and thus tell the stories of the brand far better. The secretto better brand exposure is to find images that social media marketers can use. While many of them will come from their own product range and business activities, you can also use consumer-generated photos contributed through user feedback, contests, and other user engagement tactics.

Follower Interaction

Online relationships, the quality of which is indicated by parameters like customer loyalty and satisfaction, can only happen through audience engagement. It is possible to use Instagram to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones by ensuring that you respond promptly and accurately to the queries posted on your account, The quality of engagement and the number of real Instagram followers that you end up with gets enhanced with the quality of your response and the value it adds to the users.

Using Instagram is one of the most effective ways of building brand connect with your users because they tend to remember more the visual inputs they receive than anything else. However, to achieve success, you need to ensure that the images you upload are of very high quality, and are interesting and relevant to your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Building Targeted Posts

Similar to Facebook, Instagram makes it easy to share content with specific audiences. With a virtually endless stream of spectacular photos, you can keep on reminding your audience about your brand and take a certain amount of pressure off your marketing budget. The quantity and quality of responses triggered by your posts will also let you know what works with your target audience and you can also get valuable feedback regarding product or service improvement.


When you are looking to add more punch to your marketing, social media has many advantages. You can use Instagram to quickly and effectively communicate and engage with followers for enhanced brand saliency and loyalty.

Author bio: Walter Moore is a well-established digital marketer with one of the leading mobile application development companies. An expert in social media and SEO, he also writes regularly on strategies on how to increase the number of real Instagram followers.

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