Glories of Indian World Heritage

The Glories of Indian World Heritage Railway Stations

India is home to myriad of amazing destinations. There are plenty of places in this country that attract a huge population. But you know that there are some amazing spots in this nation that aren’t really in the spotlight. Have you ever pondered about the railway stations and their surroundings that are no less than a fantastic place?

You do think about train schedule, tickets, fare and much more, but how often do you think about the amazing spots that you can encounter in the domain of Indian Railways? You know there are couple of railway stations in the country that can be encompassed in list of amazing tourist destinations. Some of these stations even hold heritage value. Some stations display stunning architectural styles, and a few are beautifully situated in attractive locations. Walk through some of them below:


Many of you have come across this beautiful railway station on way to Shimla. This station lies on the Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge rail route.  It is famous for tunnel number 33 that is situated next to platform and is one of the most stretched ones on the route. The tunnel was built in the year 1903 and Barog station is also recognized to be haunted by ghost of Colonel Barog. This fellow was once in charge of tunnel’s building.  Coupled with the well-known tunnel and extensive history linked with it, this station is popular among tourists mainly because of its fascinating location. There is a mountain in front, a panoramic site of whole region and wonderful Himalayan peaks also make the place an astounding stopover on way to Shimla.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Have you heard about New Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling: The toy train on Darjeeling Himalayan section? Well, it is not just a source of delight for young and old, the space also represents the engineering skills of highest order. This eighty three kilometres long section linking Darjeeling with railhead at Siliguri is of wonderful importance and has been given World Heritage Site status.  You know this Darjeeling Mountain Railway possesses Ghum station which is India’s highest railway station at a height of 2,257 metres. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is an amazing example of influence of a unique transportation system on social and economic development of a multi-cultural zone that was to serve as an example for similar developments in various parts of world.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Talking about Nilgiri Mountain Railway, it is a forty six kilometres long and runs on one thousand mm gauge railway. It links Mettupalayam to Ooty. The foremost section of this Nilgiri Railway up to Coonoor was finished in the year 1899 by the Nilgiri Railway Company and it was stretched to Ooty in the year 1903. This Nilgiri Mountain Railway is popular as an extension to World Heritage Site of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The popular and adored Hindi song Chaiyya-Chaiyya from film “Dil Se” featuring Shahrukh Khan was pictured on the rooftop of NM.  And need not to skip that this Nilgiri Mountain Railway caters some of the finest natural scenery around coupled with wild life.

Thus, these were a few of the mesmeric Indian railway stations. You must not skip them if you haven’t already visited them once.


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