Things Medical Students Should Consider While Buying A Stethoscope

The stethoscope hanging around the neck of doctors has to be the most defining image for the profession of medicine around the world. Surprisingly, most amongst us are not completely sure about the tasks performed by the device or tool enjoying such a legendary status. Well, it does not matter as long as the doctors know what the tool is capable of. Even medical students face confusion when it comes to the device but their dilemma is classical rather than technical. They are not sure ‘which type’ to buy to diagnose patients perfectly.

Here are a few things medical students should keep in mind while buying a stethoscope –

  • For medical students, the best stethoscope will depend on suiting their type of work and delivering standard, rather than incredible results
  • The field of specialization is a major criterion in selecting the auscultation device as the one for dealing with pediatric patients will be different to one for adults
  • Only the best is needed when someone is in the field of cardiology where the diagnosis depends a lot on the clarity of sounds listened from the organ
  • For those in cardiology, the device has to be good enough to filter a range of heart sounds together with having properties to minimize sound inference
  • Nothing matters as much as the sound quality and frequency range for a stethoscope and both these aspects need to be checked by students beforehand
  • Students should avoid buying an electronic tool as it tends to be costly and is needed only in cases where an extreme form of precision and accuracy with readings are needed
  • It’s good to buy a low-cost stethoscope that is capable of amplifying the sounds it receives
  • A less expensive stethoscope is always a good option for students working in quieter environments with not too many sounds to cope with
  • Any device with decent sound oscillation, even if not made with durable materials, will serve the purpose well for students
  • Whether a standard stethoscope will suit you or one with higher sound amplification, becomes clear only when you know the work environment
  • If cost is a consideration, then a non-electronic product is definitely the option to go with but in such case the quality of the electronic variant will be missed a lot
  • Students need to know those certain frequencies on which the device will work the best and it will ease the selection a lot
  • Never buy a single-headed product with just a diaphragm when the need is to listen to really low frequency sounds on a regular basis
  • How much you want to pay will also decide the type of product fit for you for hearing the sounds of body and organs
  • Brands do have a role as you know certain stethoscopes will deliver amazingly accurate results so be prepared to shell out more for them

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