Three things you must do when in Varanasi

Varanasi is the most spiritual city in the country and perhaps it is the reason that it is considered as the spiritual capital of India. Tourists from around the globe pay a visit to this city not just for its spiritual charm but for its extensive tourist spots too.

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world and it has a spectacular culture. You can experience the cultural touch in its constructions, monuments, ghats, and everything inside its domain. While you are in the city, don’t worry about your stay because you can get good Varanasi hotel booking for your trip. Below are three things which you must do when you visit Varanasi.

  1. Take the Blessings of Prestigious Deities

Once you step in the realm of this spiritual city, you must not stay back from getting blessings of gods and goddesses of Kashi. If time permits, do visit all the popular temples and embrace spirituality. You can start with the most famous shrine Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The temple is dedicated to deity of Shiva and is one of 12 Jyotirlingas. The temple also relishes its presence in the Scriptures. Next you can visit Tulsi Manas Temple which is a spot in Varanasi wherein Tulsidas inscribed Hindu classic Ramayana in a vernacular of Awadhi in Hindi language. Similarly, you can walk through many other temples and shrines too like Durga Temple, GyanVapi Well and so on.

  1. A Worth Cherishing Boat Ride in Ganga River

The hallowed Ganga River decorates Varanasi with a spiritual charm. Paddling boat rides mainly during the time of dawn is perhaps one of the most creative things to do in this city. Such a drive along the Ganga River is such an experience of Varanasi you will cherish throughout your life. Through your boat ride, you can experience the routine of this sacred city. The happy surroundings, people plunging in the water, hums of chanting and tourists exploring the ghats, all these sites give jovial and enriching feel. If you wish to make the most of this ride then you should try your boat riding during the early hours and at the time of twilight. The ride will indeed give you an in-depth exploration of the crux of this city.

  1. Ramble Along the Lively Ghats

The city is full of ghats such as DashashwamedhGhat, AssiGhat, ManikarnikaGhat, Lalita Ghat, and Munshi Ghat and so on. The ghats on the side of holy river Ganga in Varanasi offer very cheerful and delightful sites. Walking along these Ghats at the time of sunset is a supreme experience. Exploring various Ghats is one of the greatest things to do in Varanasi. The splendid steps of every ghat head towards the waters of River Ganga. These are the bathing Ghats, the praying Ghats and cremation sites for Hindus from around the world.

Thus, just go for booking resort Varanasi and carry out an eventful trip in this city. After all, Varanasi is full of activity and splendour!

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