Tips To Score Unprecedented Marks In Class 10th Exam

Scoring 99.9 is tough but very much possible! Almost every student wants to score higher in their 9th and 10th exam, but very few conquests it. It is a scary thing but opens a bright future ahead and also helps you step towards your ambition. That’s the reason, students prepare with their heart and soul to get the higher marks. Sometimes, your high expectations and assiduity for getting the top rank bring pressure and distracts you from your ambition. Hence, we here with some top and exciting tips which make your exam even easier than you think.

  1. Be Cool & Plan Your Study: Before you do anything else, you need to take your time and plan study. That means you need to plan study strategy. Also, think about the ambition you want to achieve. It would better if you note down your ambition on a white paper and stick it on the wall near your study table. At the same time, you can also jot down your study plan and paste it on the wall. While planning your study, keep 5W1H (who, what, when, where, which and how) theory. If you are studying in 9th standard, then join foundation course for class 9 in your nearby area and get focus on the preparation.
  2. Scoring 99% marks are not limited to certain students. Yes, if you think that you cannot achieve such distinctive marks, then you need to get rid of this thinking right now. There is nothing that one can’t achieve. Follow this theory that will create your success story.
  3. Don’t Count Hours: You may have made your time table. That’s a good step, however if don’t separate time for the subject. That means, if you are studying science, then read until you understand the topic completely. At the same time, this is your initial stage and you must not try a shortcut way of getting success as there are no such ways to achieve success.
  4. Make Notes: Making notes what you study is an important trick to keep everything in mind. So, start making notes whatever you study. It will be the best ways keeps everything remembered for a long time.
  5. Stay Focused: There may be a time when you may not be able to stand by your schedule. This would bring into pressure. So, stay intact; stay cool; love your book and don’t compromise your health. You need to make sure that, you get time for meditation; take healthy diet and get times for fun.
  6. Concentrate More On The Subject You Are Poor: There may science, mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology in you may not be confident enough. So, you need focus more the particular subject and get the obstacle removed. Take your admission for foundation course for class 10 and prepare the subject you want to focus more on.

In short, you have everything that a topper has; you get the same 24 hours that other students get and you also have the same book to read and same question to answer, then why are scared of achieving 99% marks?

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