style your ‘Dress’ right!

Tips to style your ‘Dress’ right!

Dresses are a woman’s best friend on any given day, for they define the body, make it look more structured, add a feminine appeal to your look, not only compliment each and every body type but also work well on a lot of occasions. But if you are one of those who find it extremely hard to find that perfect dress for yourself due to probably your body type, skin tone, or just because of lack of decisiveness about a certain dress then read on to know what works best for you and what you should ideally avoid to look the best version of who you are…

Silhouette: silhouette is of utmost importance when it comes to deciding on a certain dress you want to wear. Whether you are a tall and lean person, or someone who is a foodie and loves to gorge on food, well, don’t worry for there is always a dress for everybody out there. One should always opt to wear dresses that are body friendly, have a fit and flare silhouette, and let you do your movement and breathe easily. This way when you opt out of fitted garments and instead choose to go for much relaxed silhouettes, your body looks more complementing and beautiful and this way your curves accentuate in a lovely subtle way without making you any conscious.

Prints and colours: prints and colours play an important role while deciding on what to wear and what specifically looks good on you depending upon your skin type. For instance, fuschia might look great on a particular celebrity or your friend for that matter but that doesn’t mean it will definitely look great on you as well. Everyone has a different skin tone and hence the colours and hues we pick play a major role in making us look either dull and gloomy or bright and cheerful.

If you still have no idea as to what colours suit you the most and generally play safe, then you can always opt for safer hues like maroon, olive, ochre, navy blue, and numerous other lighter shades in pastels. By pairing pastels with bolder hues you can create the perfect balance and a look that won’t disappoint you. Prints also work well for most occasions. Floral dresses and the ones with botanical prints never fail to impress anyone. Pick the ones that are slightly on the lighter shade and smaller in size as compared with bigger bolder prints as they tend to make you look older and much mature. You can also choose to go for minimal embroidery, quirky embroidery or motifs that add just the right hint of element and chic to your outfits.

Accessorising: Accessorising is the way to go if you want to nail the look right. Accessories have the ability to make or break your outfit, so even if you pick a minimal piece of jewellery it should compliment your entire look. But if you still have confusion about as to what to pick, you can always keep in mind to balance out your look by pairing a chunky pair of earrings with a minimal necklace or vice versa so that the focus is not just on your jewellery but also on your dress and your face…

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