Torex cough syrup

Torex cough syrup-an effective Ayurved formulation

Many people experience coughing during cold and rainy season. It is caused due to throat or bronchial infection. The virus causes upper respiratory tract infection and hence a person develops cold or flu. So, later on they began coughing also when the bronchial system is filled with puss. Many people prefer ayurvedic products when they suffer from diseases such as cold or cough because they do not have side effects. It provides relief to their throat.

Antibiotics for syrup

Due to the change in season, they eventually feel better. But sometimes, a person experiences too much irritation and hence they should consume anti-biotic. But, they should not consume any pill or medicine without consulting doctors. But, due to antibiotics a person feels drowsy. So, they can follow some natural remedies.

Some natural remedies

They can add the paste of ginger in their tea. They can drink milk by adding turmeric powder. For some days, they can eat food free from oil. Some syrup is recommended for people who prefer natural herbal products.

About Torex syrup

The cough syrup torex is one of the best syrups to treat problems such as cough and cold. This syrup contains 20 natural herbs that can be used by children and adults. This syrup should be mixed in lukewarm water before drinking. It is suitable for people suffering from different types of coughs such as dry cough, wet cough, allergic rhinitis, or even whooping cough. So, it can treat people from mild cough to severe cough. A person can easily get relief from severe cough also. A person need not consume antibiotics or pills to relieve the problem. It is a gentle bronchodilator and is mucolytic. It is also considered as an antihistamine.

Advantages of the syrup

 The cough syrup company manufactures syrup that can provide relief from cough quickly. A person consuming this syrup does not experience any side effects such as sedation. After drinking this syrup, the cough that is secreted in the bronchus is gushed out and can be easily spit. So, it acts as a demulcent or spasmolytic also. It is an oral liquid that relieves post-nasal drips and congestion. It contains ammonium chloride that thins the mucus in the bronchus. So, it helps to loosen the mucous that is secreted in the lungs. When the mucous dries in the lungs, then it gushes out through the opening. So, some syrup such as torex is effective in draining the particles. Some of the antibiotics only because temporary relief as the mucous becomes dry but does not effectively drain away. So, the person experiences still irritation.  It also contains sodium citrate and hence it quickly breaks out the mucous and helps in losing the mucous quickly. A person can feel relived as soon as they drink the syrup.

This syrup also contains menthol and hence it provides a cooling sensation. Anybody can comfortably drink this syrup as it is flavored.

Who should not consume this syrup?

But this syrup should not be consumed by persons who experience bronchial asthma, cyanosis, or bronchial secretion excessively. Even the people suffering from severe problems such as heart stroke, depression, and allergies should not consume this syrup.

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